15 April 2011

Doctor's orders

Sometimes you gotta quit the over thinking and just do it. And this here was just what the doctor ordered. Until the full update, here is a quick bite:


Personal space

I can't tell you how I needed this!


  1. Love the "Karma"...

    Glad to see you back. I missed you ;)

  2. PS: hope you had a good time in Amsterdam???

  3. Hi Celena, I am so glad to hear that I was missed. It was painful not posting anything for so long, so even if it's just a bite, it was hopefully better than nothing. I just arrived home a couple of hours ago, and I had the best time. Ah! :D

    Hi Carole, I was posting this one from Amsterdam, but now I am back home. Brewing on a monster post, haha.

    Uden relevans, hyggeligt!


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