29 April 2011

Here's my badge!

In my neighborhood there is a general distrust of authorities and in the police in particular. You can tell from the word of mouth and the writing on the wall, but personally I have only had good experiences. Until yesterday. I live down the street from a penitentiary, and as luck would have it a truck of the inmates was about to be transferred when they got blocked by the movers of my storage. By law the movers are allowed to unload briefly, if need be by blocking the street, and people down the street can tell before entering that this may be a few minutes. But no. The men with badges called other men with badges, and they all showed up in uniform to enforce the non-law that allowed them to pass at the cost of my movers parking around the corner, carrying the burden of my heavy past on their shoulders that much further.

This happened only because my movers was afraid of the repercussions. And although this is not a violation of my human rights, and much worse things happen all over the world every day, I still object to this abuse of power. And I understand how anyone subjected to this may find it hard to trust the system in the future. So I don't have a badge, but I have a big mouth and a blog to go with it. Before unloading the blast from the past on you, I had to get this off my chest.

Here's my badge:

My big mouth


  1. Reminds me of the last 'royal' wedding when the men in badges were very happy to stop their motorcycles and shout orders at me as they attempted to get their precious charges out of Cph as fast as possible to their next taxpayer-funded appointment. Denmark - sometimes I really don't understand you.


  2. I have a bigger problem with police making up their own rules as they go along.. you know? It's just not right. The way I see it having a badge comes with a responsibility. I believe the expression is "conduct unbecoming.."?


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