25 April 2011

Hippie days

After complaining about the quiet, I actually started to enjoy the car free time, so peaceful. Without the parked cars the streets appear wider, and it makes me want to run down and plant a tree or something. Claim some of the space back. I must be turning into some kind of hippie, I am not sure what is going on here. But when you think about it how democratic is this car thing? We all inhale these toxic fumes, we build our lives around the needs of a few to get around as fast as they can encased in cocoons of unattractive metal. What is that really about?

And it is not that I don't love beautiful cars with a great personality, you know that. It makes perfect sense to me that people want to own and drive them. They are things of beauty to be shared with everybody, even when parked. And although they too are gassy and toxic, at least they come with a compensation. When we enter my new world order, they can stay.

All good cars should have names. Meet Dolly:

And this one I named Dirty, sexy car:


 And finally Her Highness my old Mini. Were you introduced yet? I miss her.

Okay, I suck at that hippie thing already...


  1. ahahah, I don't think you're a hippie. my grandmother has a 2CV (like Dolly). I always dreamed of a mini, but never was rich enough to afford a car just for the sake of having one. Now I have a non descript one for a few weeks and then pffff! By the way do you have Photoshop or some kind of software to treat your photos? I can teach you very easily my "tricks" for colors...

  2. Hi Carole, I may not be a bona fide hippie, but I am smitten by the guerilla gardening movement. Imagine just one car space/parking lot in each street replaced by a bed of flowers. How sweet would that be?

    I do have Photoshop if you have a few tricks you would like to share... :-)

  3. So on picture like that (mine), you have to have a lot of light to create this kind of haze, then on photoshop you can desaturate a notch, (you have to play with it), then you can do a gradient map (but not necessarily), then you have to go to Edit and then fade gradient map a lot, so it's just like a filter. and very often I don't need to do the gradient map, I just put a sepia filter (same thing, play with it so you can find the tone you want, but it's not so obviously sepia. One day one friend told me about sepia filter on color photos, and it's been a revelation. On this photo I don't think I desaturated though, but I do that a lot it changes the "mood" of the photo.

  4. Ah Carole, you are so sweet! I can't wait to try this out. Interesting to see how it will work on urban photography. Or maybe I just need to get out of town for a change, haha.

  5. http://ny-etc.blogspot.com/2011/04/follow-spiders.html

  6. Oh, Carole, thank you for that, I love them! I mean they creep me out live, but this is so good, haha. You just made me happy, isn't blogging the best? Hugs for you!


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