23 April 2011

It's oh, so quiet...

We're mid Easter, and Copenhagen is quiet. Warm and sunny, but quiet in the all-the-Jutlanders-went-home-and-took-their-cars-with-them way. In many ways Easter is like mini-jul (you know the not-Christmas), with all of five consecutive holidays. There are Easter dinners, we drink Easter brew (a bigger selection of those than you can possibly count) and those who have families pay them a visit. And as always I can't wait for it to be over... I like the shops open and the city alive, this suburban vibe is not for me. Before you know it I am on the next plane to Berlin or something, destination heartbeat, haha.

But I can tell Copenhagen is happy to have me back, because there are lots of little treasures waiting for me on almost every corner, with a generous side of a hot and sunny spring. Who am I to complain? Maybe I should just go ahead and check out that Easter brew. Show this saturday who's the boss. 

Bench warmer

A hot jul for everybody (you tell me what is up with the timing?)

Knit bombing in Copenhagen


Oh, Copenhagen, I love you.


  1. You're the boss. I hvert fald på den side af vandet.

  2. Hahaha, amarOrama, det er stort, tak for det. :D

  3. Ahh... Påske Øl....

    Hope you are enjoying the quiet...

  4. I never gave so much thought about Easter, but living outside of France, it's now seems a big deal for people. Well and now my son believes in easter bunny and I don't know where that comes from... nice finds :)

  5. Hi Celena, I was actually starting to enjoy the quiet, just as the cars are returning. Imagine living in a car free city, what a dream.

    Hi Carole, Easter is not really my thing either. But ever since I heard about the American Easter egg hunt, I wanted to play. And I am fine with bunnies too.. but the religious part of it.. well you know me, I am not on board.

  6. Well Easter here in CPH was just great! Spring feeling in pickink in King's Garden was just amazing AND the sun :)

  7. This weather brings out a whole new side of Copenhagen, and the Copenhageners too. I don't know if you are a local or just visiting, but either way it was a special Easter. Quiet, but nice.


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