11 April 2011

Mind the hype

Despite the shootings and the grit, my neighborhood appears to be the next big thing. So much for dreaming of a bigger place just around the corner... Of course I knew this was heaven all along. Yesterday there were so many people walking around the lakes that it resembled a line at a ticket office. Even the runners were outnumbered. Walking is not really my thing (if I could I would ride my bike everywhere, indoors too) so I only reluctantly indulged my friend and joined the crowds. But it turns out walking isn't that bad, and there are things you miss when you live on a bike. First off I am happy to inform you that a small handful of the local swans survived the killing spree, and are now nesting in the most unexpected places. Life goes on, how great is that?

And a couple of local surprises, I love that I am still able to discover things here that I never noticed before. 
Hello elephant.

And hello ever evolving and crazy beautiful People's House wall:

You really can't blame people for falling in love with this place.


  1. Det er en trold - ikke en elefant :-) Men han er så fin. Vil du se på ham hver dag over morgenkaffen, har vi vores lejlighed til salg :-D

  2. Haha, Fie, er det et trold? Den havde jeg ikke gennemskuet. Og gud hvor ville jeg gerne springe på, men jeg er ikke købestærk. For at sige det blødt. Ak.

  3. Have seen two new fresh dead swans on the old military base, not far from the sea....


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