05 April 2011

Paging all visitors

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Copenhagen through the eyes of a couple of visiting New Yorkers. It was so inspiring that I completely forgot about the freezing temperatures (what spring?), and the friend waiting for me to show up across town for my second coffee appointment (sorry Irene). I wanted to know if there was something I could add to the blog that would be helpful to visitors. And was there ever. I never really thought about it before, but the tourist industry is huge (I want to say: rotten) and filled with traps. I couldn't believe that the Copenhagen tourist book they bought at Barnes & Noble suggested they go to Hard Rock Cafe. They should get a full refund for that purchase!

Looking into the majority of information available to Copenhagen visitors, I am honestly offended that the only things that make it to the books are the usual suspects like the amusement park Tivoli, the narrow stretch of harbour Newhaven and Royal Copenhagen. Plus seemingly whatever restaurant is willing to pay for the inclusion.

This meeting has inspired me to elaborate on my "visiting Copenhagen" pages. It will grow slowly, but I plan to revise and update it frequently. I find people wanting to visit my city so touching that I want to do what I can to make them feel welcome and have a good stay. If you have any suggestions or things you would like to know as a visitor, I would be happy if you leave a comment. Don't be shy.

Vintage Tivoli. This season there will be at least one post on this beautiful garden. Ah, sweet childhood memories.

The Tivoli fountain, and a view of the open air venue "the lawn", still going strong.

Aaah, look at this! Where did all the cool postcards go? I see that I may need to get on that as well, haha.


  1. Hey!! I just got accepted to go on an exchange to Copenhagen last week and stumbled across your blog - I can't stop reading it! I thought I'd comment on this since you're looking for things that visitors are interested in. Obviously I'm interested in learning about everything, but just a couple few - good neighbourhoods for students to live? places to eat? where to go out at night? special attractions or events and other places to go see around Denmark. All of these subjects would be great to know more about!

    Love the blog - keep writing!

    Gillian (from Toronto)

  2. Hi Gillian,
    thank you so much for the feedback, I will add that to my list. I can tell you already that the housing situation for students is critical. It is very hard to find an affordable deal, but maybe you can rent a room, or move in with other students in a bigger apartment. This would also be a great way to learn about all the other stuff, like night venues and places to eat. But keep an eye on the pages, I will list some of my affordable and cosy favorites that I am sure you will love.

  3. I think the first think I would like to know when visiting Copenhagen is: where is the nearest place to the airport that I can rent a bike? So that I can get about like the locals, if I can remember which side of the cycle path to ride on, that is...

  4. Vi skulle totalt lave en "bloggers guide to copenhagen"!! får så tit mails fra folk der gerne vil have tips, men føler ikke altid jeg kan overkomme at give et fyldestgørende svar.. Men hvis man nu havde en blog at henvise til.... goooood ide!

  5. Hi Kim, I have listed the three bike rental places I know of in the VisitingCPH right on top of this blog. The New Yorkers took the metro in from the airport (that's a 20 minute trip) to Norreport Station, and went to the Baisikeli place to pick up a couple of bikes (normal looking ones, not screaming tourist). But if you follow the links you may be able to find one closer to where you are staying. Some hotels even have their own bikes for the guests.

    I recommend the right side of the road :-)

  6. Hej Mette, hvor brilliant! Det skulle vi gøre. Indtil vi kommer i system med det så laver jeg nogle lange lister over hyggelige cafeer og steder at hænge ud. Bloggers guide to Copenhagen, aj altså, det ville være fantastisk.

  7. This is a great idea. I intend to visit again!

  8. Hi Carole,
    that sounds great, and come summer you will be so much closer already. Just got a really nice tip for accommodations in Copenhagen. This is going to be so good, I may not be able to squeeze it all into the pages section.

  9. ...jeg udtænker lige en plan... tror det kunne blive ret godt!

  10. Glæder mig! Og er så på som man kan blive.

  11. woohoo~ i've been lurking your blog for some time. um, hello :)

    i'm coming over this may for a week and would like to know about the weather, esp. temperature-wise. oh, and it'd be grand if you'd give us your views on the copenhagen card.

  12. Hi Yvonne, about the weather I have already made you a couple of links on the Visiting CPH page (right below the banner on top), maybe I need to make it more visible? I will work on that. The weather is fickle, it could be rainy and cold, or it could be like real summer, you never know.

    I was just introduced to the concept of the Copenhagen card the other day (by the New Yorkers again), and I have to say that I am not impressed. The way it works is that you pay (a LOT) for unlimited access to museums and public transportation for either 24 hours or 72 hours. First off if it was me I would rent a bike and avoid public transport alltogether, when at all possible. Buy a clipping card (see the visiting CPH page for that too), if you need to hop on a bus or a train. And really, how many museums can you squeeze in?

    Unless you are here to see as many museums as you can, then the card may be for you. You can always look the entrance fees up online and do the math.

    May is a good month for visiting Copenhagen, I hope you have a great stay here.

  13. Hej Sandra!
    Jeg boede i København sidste år fra juli til december. :) And that is about as much Danish as I will embarrass myself with!

    I have been following your blog for a long time now, since before I left for Copenhagen, and I have loved the perspective that you bring in all your post. It's refreshing to see the city from someone local, and I appreciate the fact that you don't just post the 'usual' things, but really make an attempt to showcase the small little things that make Copenhagen such a lovely city.

    I'm home in Sydney, Australia now, but I am looking forward to when I can return to your lovely city. :)

    Tusind tak for all your posts!!

  14. Hi Lindy,
    tusinde tak for your sweet mail, I am so happy that you enjoy the posts, and that you took the time to let me know, now I have a big smile on my face.

    I will continue to do my best to keep you updated on the good, the bread and the ugly of Copenhagen. And we (Copenhagen & I) look forward to having you back. :-)

  15. Sandra,

    Coffee was wonderful and thankfully, we did end up making it to Mikeller. FYI, CPH vs. AMS--- there is no contest, Copenhagen wins hands down.

    Until next time, lady.


    P.S. I posted a very small sampling of our pictures. Hope you enjoy!

  16. Hi Dayna, oh I am so glad you loved it. I love Amsterdam too, but I will have to agree with you Copenhagen rocks. Next time you make it here you get a list of places to eat, inspired by: you. :D

  17. Hi Sandra!

    I would have to suggest Bakken and the Klampenborg beach... It is a little less tourist-y but always a great "Danish" day.

    Gillian: Congrats on your exchange! I am a Canadian who spent 4 lovely years in Copenhagen. You'll have a blast! :)

    Have a good one! You are such a great ambassador for your city, Sandra!

    Best wishes!

  18. Hi sandra!
    Las year I was in Sweden in a exchange program and since I first visited Copenhagen, I fell deeply in loved with the city! :) so I couldn't rest until I finally got to live in copenhagen for a month (it was the best June of my life!!)
    I had just that month to enjoy the city as much as possible, and I remember that your blog was a big inspiration to me!
    to this day I keep reading it, because it reminds me soo much to those days!
    Now I am living in Mexico, which is really different from Europe!! everything works slower, but the climate it's HOT and people are super open, specially in comparison with (some) Danes!! ;-)

    sooo I wanted to thank you for taking the time of writing about the beautiful Copenhagen and i hope you keep doing it because I love it!

  19. Hello Celena,

    You are absolutely right, there should be tips for small day trips out of Copenhagen, especially in the summer. For people staying for more than a few days at least. I would be happy to be an ambassador, and then I would like to get a set of diplomatic plates for my bicycle. :-)

    Hi Le,

    You have no idea how happy I am to hear that, I am so glad you dropped by to let me know! I sometimes wonder who my readers are, and from what I can gather there are quite a few of you who lived here once, and now I have the pleasure of keeping you updated on Copenhagen. And I thought the pleasure was all mine :D

  20. Great post, and funny to hear what foreigners think of our city :)
    To those of you who plan to visit (again OR for the first time) I feel we should recommend Christiania, the free-zone in Christianshavn.
    Especially to Le, who rightly thinks Danes can be a bit "closed" or "reserved" you will quickly feel the good vibe from people from all walks of life in Christiania, and perhaps catch a concert in one of the places there :)
    I also recommend Islands Brygge in the summer time -it's at the harbour and always filled with people chilling with cold beers and transportable music devices.

    Enjoy your stay in Copenhagen !
    and enjoy the weekend.


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