20 April 2011

Party time

This is what it must be like to throw a big party and tell some of your children they can't come. Heartbreak. Sorting out only the very best street art pictures from the latest Amsterdam trip has been torment, haha, how crazy is that? Most of the best was from the same street, on a cluster of former squats in Spuistraat in the centre of Amsterdam. As I was mid make-out session on day two with this street art lovers bonanza, a guide with a huge following camped out in front of me and he had a lot to say about these buildings. In Spanish. Needless to say the mystery remains.


Try and read it, it is in English..

Global warming

You accept if you don't react. Stop the G8


The infamous extreme right wing politician Geert Wilders.

Nous maintiendrons

Young love

By street artist FAKE. Next day it was already painted over.


The bicycle rack building.

Is is a pain that I only show you the close up's I wonder? Let me know if you need more of the full picture. On the bright side, if I was not such a macro-girl, I would probably have missed this little guy:

Hiding in plain view

Clay man

That would have been unbearable. 

I hope you enjoyed the party!


  1. I remember walking down that same street in September! The big snake was there when we were there too :) Was the big herring still there?

    I had the extremely unfortunate experience of taking a bunch of photos in Amsterdam, then arriving in Vilnius to discover the roll of film hadn't been advancing the whole time - so, nothing. We did take some photos with our digital camera, but that was a very very sad realization.

  2. Awesome! Glad that you are having such an inspiring time ;)

    Hebben een geweldige dag!

  3. Elskede festen. Loved the party - for nu at være lidt international.

  4. Oh, Dave! What a nightmare. Yes, the herring was there, it was one of the children not invited to the party (oh, torment), but now that you request it, I am going to promote that picture and upload it for you on flickr. That herring on the door is so simple yet unforgettable. The kind that you remember even after the roll doesn't develop. I'm happy to bring it to you (tomorrow). :D

  5. Hi Celena, I really had the best time, like every part of me was tuned somehow. I am ready for spring and summer now. :-)

    Hej amarOrama, det var dejligt at du kunne kigge forbi, midt i påske hylet! Er stadig så ubændigt lykkelig på dine vegne, mit bloglandsfamilemedlem..

  6. Ha, now you're talkin'!
    These are wonderful. A little New York scent with the cleanliness of north Europe. Love the little guy :)

  7. Hi Carole,
    Now that you mention it, Amsterdam is a very clean city. Not a single piece of trash in the wrong place, and the city dispatch cleaning crews to wash down the streets, with men walking alongside blowing crap out and picking it up.

    I love that little guy too :-)

  8. Beautiful and very different forms of art from the street :)
    About the FAKE piece you mentioned being buffed the day after: Was it just buffed with a single color paint (a grotesque act) or did another artist cover it?

    If FAKE took the chance and did it on a door without permission, and the owner buffed, I think that's something you could expect. Very predictable...! If it was a graf artist that painted it over, that's just disrespectful and not something other artists will take lightly.
    The most important non written rule in street art is: Never cover or buff someone that is better than you.
    Enjoy the remaining easter holidays everyone.


  9. Hi Drumstick, the cover job was just plain grey paint, done by roller, and on top of that there was a couple of posters taped up. Sad sight. But it is interesting to learn a little something about the unwritten rules of the streets. :-)

  10. Amsterdam looks pretty awesome <3 Rejsefeber!

  11. Tambourinesam, ha passing the bug, dit fantastiske London slideshow smittede også mig. :D


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