30 April 2011

Return of the fleas

One of my favorite parts of this season is the return of the outdoor flea markets. For a moment there I was worried that my new minimalistic thing meant the end of those, but it turns out they still rock (especially with a hangover). My focus have simply shifted from buying to taking pictures. But of course the moment you stop chasing for the perfect vintage dress, there it is. The most amazing thing, in a heavy vintage silk charmeuse, and a perfect fit too. Victory! Today's market was in Jægersborggade, where cool bikes go to park (and make out), and in some cases they even take center stage:

Flea market cargo bike

Ingolf, leading mouse and best friend of my childhood icon Cirkeline.

Dealing and drinking allowed! Tuborg

Dealing and senseless drinking allowed! Tuborg

Plastic bags from the discount supermarket chain Netto. Discount is King here, the cheaper the better...

Everything for free! (and we have a winner!)

All Danes are going to die!!

On my way back I was sucked in by this one, mocking the culture of fear. "Newspaper front page" announcing that all Danes are going to die, flyer for a new release from F.U.K.T. Have a soundbite:

  Falling by F.U.K.T

Every time I see these overpainted vans I wonder if the owner is okay with this, or if a big white surface is just considered an unwritten invitation to anyone with a can of paint? 

Thinking of you

Tomorrow it is my turn to hit the fleas with my blast from the past. I am so ready to rid myself of it all, hallelujah brothers and sisters!


  1. Love it! I am visiting Copenhagen for the first time next Sunday 8th, and I am thrilled! I will be there for almost a month and I can't wait. Will there be any markets like these in the upcoming days? BTW I am already following you on twitter ;)

  2. Hi Dave, you have picked the perfect time to visit Copenhagen (fingers crossed that the weather will stay this sweet). There is an online market calendar that lists all flea markets and garage sales, it is in Danish only, but it is mostly addresses and dates so you should be fine: http://www.markedskalenderen.dk/marked/markedlist.asp You could also keep an eye on some of the local online guides, I listed them in the VisitingCPH on top of the page. I hope you have a great stay! :-)

  3. Hey Sandra! So nice of you to answer back, thank you. Thanks for the tips! I have already bookmarked the calendar and I am about to check out the guides you featured here. Thanks for the good wishes! Regards from sunny Venezuela :)


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