23 May 2011


Some days I feel like I was only put on earth to pay my bills. This is one of those days.

Tax pay'n sheep


  1. Just add on the stupid bills.... argh!

  2. I double your argh, I just want to be free of this treadmill.

  3. Ah the French tax just took all my money in my account, knowing that I don't have a job, they leave people 466.99 euros to live. Can you imagine ?
    Anyways, Sandra do you know any cool vintage shops and flea markets for furniture in CPH (or Denmark, but I guess it will be more CPH)?

  4. How very generous of the French tax.. phew. On vintage furniture you will probably have to go to the fixed (indoor) locations. I believe that "Det Blå Pakhus" is good for furniture (but I will have to double check that for you), and you can also keep an eye on the online auction houses Lauritz.com and BruunRasmussen.dk for designer stuff and midcentury styles (both "speak" English), where you have the option of picking up your winnings yourself.

    Now is the time to buy stuff in Denmark, no Danes are spending and everybody is trying to sell the crown jewels, so there are real bargains to be made.

  5. Thanks a lot, this goes directly on my little notebook, I might come sooner than later:)


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