07 May 2011


The first time I met Bert, one of the first things he told me was "for the life of me I can't understand how you can be bothered to do all this work". Like blogging, taking pictures and hanging out in the comments section is a bother? Was he kidding me? It was only after that I recognised the irony of the words coming from this man, who carves and paints his wooden sculptures and sneak around at night trying to give his art to the people without getting caught and punished by authorities.

He does so wearing a tailor made disguise that is also in place for interviews and public appearances, like the nipple show at Helvetikat yesterday. In part, the disguise is to underline that it is not about the artist rather about the art, but of course nothing peaks your curiosity like a grown man wearing a mask of little girls pink pantyhose.. or is that just me?

Bert and Fimo in show

A double treat: Fimo & Bert

Nipple tree detail

Detail of the nipple tree. Or is it a totem pole? I forgot to ask. Love the innie very much!



Gud er cool

Badge on Bert "Gud er cool" (God is cool), Gud Gudesen: Danish street artist named after God. Stuff like that takes the edge off my religio-fobia. Is there anything street art can't do?

The show is running until the 31st of May.

Holsteinsgade 2
2100 København Ø

Opening hours:
Tuesday 17-20 (5pm to 8pm)
Saturday 12-15 (12pm to 3 pm)
and by appointment

Bert's own blog (link)
Bert spottings on flickr, by yours truly (link)


  1. Goodness gracious Sandra you really are pushing out the Bert Boat! Many thanks for such a fine and positive post! Really happy you turned up. Oh Crazy Yum.

  2. Hi Bert, you are so welcome and I am happy that you approve. With all the construction work going on in Copenhagen at the moment, you have your work set out for you, I already look forward to spotting the next Bert's.

  3. Hey that looks great! I'm now thinking more and more of what I will do when i move back to Paris and get back on my feet (it'll take a little time, but I'm moving in 2 freakin' months!!!) and coming to Copenhagen is going up on my to do list :) Hope to spot some Bert's one day...

  4. Hi Carole,
    if you make it to Copenhagen we should definitely have a cup of coffee, don't you think? The Bert's are hard to find, because when a new piece arrives, it almost always gets stolen right away. But you never know what small surprises you will find in the streets here..

  5. Hello Sandra! I'm finally in Copenhagen and I'm loving it. Great weather so far -though I'm still a bit jet lagged- and very nice and friendly people! Your Visit Copenhagen section was and has been of very much help. Thanks a lot for that and keep up the good work! I'll catch you around on the street one of these days ;)

  6. Hi David,
    welcome to Copenhagen! I am so happy that you like it, and that you find my links useful, how sweet of you to let me know. You probably will see me in the streets, with this sweet weather going on, haha. And on the subject of Bert, I just spotted one of the rare outdoor pieces today, maybe you will find it too... :-)

  7. Thanks again for the warm welcome! But please, don't be mean and let me know where it is! I just bought a new DSLR and I'm lucky enough to have the company I work for set me up for a public transport 4 zone month pass! Heheh! I just came in after a 3 hour (I think) stroll I took around my hotel very conveniently located near the Vesterport station. Took some good shots but I'd like to photograph the great works of Mr. Bert! :P

  8. Ah, it is not my intention to be mean, but the Bert pieces rarely stay up for more than a few days, and I fear that if I announce the location here, there will not be an opportunity for me to go back and re-shoot tomorrow when the light is not working against me. You see?

    There are some ruthless bastards out there with itchy screwdrivers..


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