19 May 2011


Sometimes the world cracks me up and I find myself the only one laughing at the invisible joke. I was riding along the lakes when I spotted the first batch of ducklings. This called for a close up, but I approached with care because the mother was anxious. And with the poisonous nutcase around that is exactly how it should be.

The first batch

I didn't want to stress her out, so I had a seat at the stairs nearby. And oh, look:

Dying pink

Dying pink. Look at the little antennae. As I was fiddling with my camera, I remembered how I just recently discovered the fish eye effect. Here comes the cracking up part (minus the identifying features, of course):

Joggers, hahaha.

Along with surreal drowning doll. Please..

Exit fish eye (and exit duck family, due to hysterically laughing human).

But the bird theme remained. Later I spotted a bird. On a Bert. I managed to freak out a cluster of American tourists, as I attempted to explain what was so damn funny. Talk about invisible jokes.

And the craziest thing was that it moved around, but only from one Bert to another. Oh, help me.

On my way home I passed a small demonstration. It looked peaceful, but there were heavy police presence. The protesters were boxed in by police vans, unable to move forward so they just stood on the middle of the bridge and chanted: D-E-M-O-C-R-A-C-Y. A bystander told me it was to mark this day back in 1993 when Denmark, despite the resistance was snug into the EU Maastricht Treaty by a political maneuver, and during the protests fourteen people were shot by the police. 

The protesters on the bridge were seriously outnumbered. I got a couple of fuzzy pictures, and right as I got on my bike to leave, the crowd yelled for action and I turned around and caught the response:

"Show us the bird"!


  1. Have you seen the two picture posts on my blog? I was in some of the many empty houses in Copenhagen to shoot.

    Great birdspotting btw! :)

  2. I am closely following your combined progress over at amarOrama.

  3. I saw the protest too... All dressed in black. For people protesting for democracy, they were fairly scary.

  4. On the dressing up part, I think it has to do with making an impression and getting the media coverage. If there are only 80 of you, you need to stand out to be heard.

    The real scary part is that they had a valid point that touches all of our lives, and yet there were only so few of them. It is like we have given into the idea that protesting won't change a thing. Even if current events all over the world is telling us different.


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