22 May 2011

Copenhagen by night

To make it this far without mentioning the brown bars borders on neglect. Copenhagen blooms at night, and all the people worth partying with are broke, so we are revisiting the "brown bars". Defined by bad lighting, foosball/pool tables, reasonably priced beer and old fashioned smoke (small bars are exempt from the smoking ban so far). You reek like an ashtray when you leave, but you most likely hung out with the ultimate party people. Speaking as a non smoker it is totally worth it.

Last night I went to the re-opening of a classic brown bar "Høker Cafeen" across from the meat packing district. Bad lighting? Check. Foosball table? Check. Cheap beer? Party people? Check, check. And best of all: when I left, taking crappy pictures with the only camera I dare bring to the pickpocket bonanza that is Copenhagen by night, the owners good friend told me that his friends all love Classic Copenhagen. No need to take my bike home, I was floating all the way on cloud nine. 

A midnight snack: the classic licorice pipes.

Stine Hamann you rock. The pavement outside the bar. Is that not the most romantic thing you have ever seen? According to Google this girl is running the Copenhagen Marathon today, so that is probably what this is about. 

My phone may not be smart, but it gets the job done. 


  1. Aw, that Stine Hamann thing is really cute! And I have never seen licorice pipes before...wow.

  2. Hi Nova, it is so sweet (although someone suggested it could also be really creepy, but I prefer the romantic version). And the pipes are the rock star of all licorice, I think I need to dedicate a post to licorice soon.

  3. My next visit I let you pick the bar!

  4. Haha, I will find you a nice brown bar then. :D

  5. Hi Sandra! Hope you are doing well :)

    I love those kinds of places- the ones that are filled with nostalgia with a little touch of "cheese" on the side... Ahhh...
    I could totally go for a Bodega beer ;)

  6. Hi Celena, all is well, I just feel like one of those tax paying sheep today...

    Some of the brown bars are now taken over and run by a new generation, who is staying true to "the brown". It's classic Copenhagen :-)

  7. I seem to understand that 'brown bars' are indeed 'bodegas' right? You should check out one specific at the corner of Amagerfælledvej and Svinget.. the quintessential brown bar..

  8. Yes, I guess we are talking Bodega's here, but "brown bars" as we call them (brune værtshuse) just seems so much more appropriate, don't you think? It is not like I hang out in one every weekend, but I do appreciate the no fuss atmosphere.

    And Amager has been on my to-do list for too long now, I really need to go. Thank you for the tip.

  9. oh wow that wall paper!


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