09 May 2011

A friendly warning

Here's a friendly warning: if you are in Copenhagen on a Saturday, stay far, far away from the centre. All you will encounter is pimple faced morons in daddy's cars, out of towners and crowds of misguided tourists. It is not pretty. But this Saturday I decided to go anyway because the press have been all over how Krogs seafood restaurant for the month of May is bringing the traditional fish market back to Gammel Strand (former kingdom of the fishmongers). I am not sure if a single table with a parasol and a box of fish, a fish market make? Anyway I was all set up to say something nice about it, until I encountered the unpleasant sales person who turned his back on me mid question, not bothering to answer. I'm sorry, but no fish is that fresh!

And right next to that was the weekly flea market, with an overpriced selection targeting the cruise ship tourists, you know the stuff most Danes won't touch. Again with the attitude. I have to ask: what is the matter with you people? Is that a way to greet our guests? You should be ashamed of yourselves. 

As I returned to Nørrebro, the mood changed completely. People hanging out in the sunny spots, and a warm and welcoming street party in Blågårdsgade with homemade banners, live music, DJ's, cup cakes, food and affordable beer. It is not rocket science, just treat people like you would want to be treated, you know what I mean? If street parties are not your thing, make a day trip to Louisiana, the most beautiful exhibition space in Denmark. Hit the bridge areas or go to a park and have a picnic. Just stay away from the centre because you deserve better.


Blågårdsgade street party. I can't stand crowds, but that seems to be an allergy with a built in amnesia: I only remember it when I get there. But then I love the debris surrounding it, and you can't have one without the other. 

The traditional home made triangle banners, patchwork style, I love how they always go all out to make it cosy. Very Nørrebro. I had to include this shot, because you can just spot the old and the new Copenhagen lamp hanging side by side.

Warning sign?

Half and half

(I miss Armsrock, haven't seen a fresh piece from him in ages)

A kiss on the wall

By the way, have you noticed how I have managed to leave a couple of hundred people out of the frame? I sort of impress myself with that, haha. Macro girl strikes again.


  1. I wish the tourists could see what we the people experience.

  2. Yes, that is exactly how I feel about it.


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