11 May 2011

Hold your horses

It's not like I'm turning into a Buddhist or anything, in fact I have been going ballistic on more than one occasion since we last talked, but only on those who deserved it I promise. But I feel the need to slow down and be more present. On the weekend that spring sprung I was not looking, suddenly everything was just leafy and green and now I sort of feel cheated of the process. Does that even make sense?

Fortunately spring happens gradually, and there is still time to stop and admire the lilacs, mind-blowingly beautiful, fragrant and short-lived. There are a few places in Copenhagen where you can (and should) ride your bike slowly past the lilacs, and just breathe them in. One is by the Botanical Garden, and another is by the National Gallery of Denmark.


Messing with the camera settings, demanding "wrong".. ah, sweet imperfection.

To make up for my neglect I have been reading up on the lilacs, and it turns out that they are a vanishing act, with less blooming every year worldwide. The key to prolong the blooming period is to plant more varieties, and have them slightly overlap. But whatever you do, don't take them for granted, they are only here for a few weeks every year. Had I not stopped for the lilacs I would have missed the ultimate in poster cool, the non-text-no-clue-whatsoever-poster:


Who is she? Do I even want to know? I am seduced by the mystery.

The garden behind the National Gallery, Østre Anlæg, is a hilly, spacious and somewhat overlooked garden with a lot more privacy than the nearby Kings Garden. How did I miss that? It even has the coolest playground with a "melting couch" and an over sized hollowed out TV. And wooden birds.

A mocked bird

I heard about the one in Frederiksberg Garden, but this is my first pacifier tree spotting:

Fruit from the pacifier tree

Pacifier tree in Østre Anlæg

Some of them even have little notes attached, these are the fruits of true sacrifice. 

And the crowning piece:

Fish ain't cheap

(One guess who?)

Imagine having missed all this? I am so glad that I stopped to smell the lilacs..


  1. Oh yeah, I love lilacs - one of my very favorites. There is one lilac bush by our apartment that is a deep purple color, with a thin white border around the petals - I love that one. The lilacs are just starting to bloom here as well, most of them haven't quite opened up fully. There is a lilac garden at the bottom of the hill where I work, so I'm hoping to go have a photo shoot after work towards the end of the week :)

    Also, I think something started blooming today that I'm allergic to, I've been sneezing all morning :)

  2. Ah, imagine being allergic to lilacs? I hear that more Copenhageners are developing allergies, presumably because of the pollution, but so far I am in the clear. Poor you for the sneeze fest, I hope it passes soon. :-)

  3. Ah, I somehow missed out on spring too. The leaves and flower blooms came out of no where suddenly. Now if I can just get my window container garden to bloom...

  4. I also love lilac, I don't see them here, there are some similar flowers, and everytime I think it is lilac, but the california copycat doesn't smell. lilac and mimosa are missed here, but so many others are blossoming all year long. Even big white or pink flowers on tall trees, so gorgeous. I mean huge. Incredible.
    I went on Bert's website (blog?), hmmm and I saw this one. ha!

  5. Hi Bryant,
    I am oddly happy to hear that I am not the only one who missed out on the magic moment. And I dream of a small window garden too, but I can't even keep potted herbs alive for more than a week. Very frustrating.

    Hi Carole,
    Pretty flowers are sweet too, but I love the fragrant ones. My local florist used to call me "the fragrance lady" because I would always ask if any of the roses had a scent. The big and fancy ones rarely do. Something to do with the fragrant ones being short lived, I love that too. :-)

  6. Hi Bryant and Carole, blogger messed up our comments, so mine is gone, but I hope you got it. Because it feels too strange to come up with a second response.. :D

  7. uhm, lilacs og suttetræer <3 Meget forårs farverigt. Jeg cyklede selv forbi Botanisk Have i dag og tog en sniffer!

  8. Jeg får sådan en lyst til at vold-opdage foråret, vil ikke gå glip af noget som helst nogensinde igen. As if. :D

  9. solve the mystery?

  10. Hi Jesper, ha, I read about her in the news later. Embarrassed to say I almost believed someone who told me that she was a he. Thank you for the link.


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