15 May 2011

Long live the revolution

The tourism industry (and not just the Danish) is ripe for a revolution. We travel more than ever and we recognise when we are being ripped off and herded like sheep. In Copenhagen the beginning of the revolution is appropriately marked with chalk outlines on the asphalt. They are scattered all over the city and after passing a few I had to look it up. Crime Tours is an hour and a half long guided evening tour of Copenhagen, zeroing in on the ghoulish past with a thousand years worth of filth, greed, murders and executions. I love guerrilla advertising:

Crime Tours

And this one I spotted on the same day. A cushioned cargo bike parked in the centre, with a sign offering the ultimate treat: a private guided tour of Copenhagen by a chauffeur with a master's degree in history. The History Bike:

The History Bike

Check out the cooler in the middle. And is that a seat belt? 

Copenhagen cargo guide

History Bike

It may be quiet, but I still smell the early onset of a revolution here. As a tourist I would rather have a local show me around, than rely on the established agencies. And you know they are on to something when even the locals get sweaty palms and want to join the fun. This is how it should be. Long live the revolution!


  1. Hvor sjovt. Får næsten selv lyst til at lege turist.

  2. Ja, også mig! Og det er jo netop sådan det skal være. Heldige gæster.

  3. ....and you,Sandra, should be the inaugural ambassador of guerilla tourism in CPH!

  4. Haha, Ian, I would love that. Don't you want to go on these tours? I am just itching to.

  5. Hello, I saw your twitter account listed as one of the top accounts from Copenhagen and I found the link for this nice blog.

    Yesterday (Sunday 15 May 2011) I was in Copenhagen and at about 13.45 I saw a little demonstration in front of the city hall (Radhus). I think they were Arabs or Muslims with a flag that had a big sun in the middle.

    Anybody knows what were they demonstrating for?

    Juan Lucas

  6. I too saw the chalk body outline and thought, "yes!" COOL advertising.

  7. Hi Jean Lucas,
    I can't tell you what the demo was about, but maybe another reader can?

    Hi Bert,
    I actually want to go on both tours, so from an advertising perspective mission is accomplished.

  8. Cool! arbejdsløse akademikere udnytter deres studier til praktiske ting!

  9. Ja, det var også en af mine første tanker. Men der ligger et kæmpe potentiale i det, med et så forplumret marked. Man får følelsen af at nogle enkelte sidder tungt på magten, og de har godt af at at mærke pustet af revolutionen. Here we come!

  10. Oh this is fantastic, and I must say as much as I disliked the bike taxi industry in NYC for some reason - mainly because I could see them in front of the art gallery where I was working and I could see that there were exploited immigrants with a little knowledge of English (just enough to say a few things about Central Park) and they were so badly treated obviously by employers and by most of the people sitting their (fat) ass on the seats... Sorry - this one looks really cool, and really a great initiative. I hope he doesn't turn it into a degrading industry. (sorry about that again, the people "driving" these bikes looked so miserable, charging tons of money and having only a few bucks for themselves). The crime tour is also interesting... Would love to see that in Dublin.

  11. Hi Carole,
    In Denmark we have almost the opposite. Illegal immigrants are hunted down and kicked out, and the salaries are so high (because the taxes are too) that the only way you can run a business like that is if you do the hard work yourself.

    It is not that I dream of a system where people are taken advantage of, but what we have now is keeping so many things from happening. To start and run a business you are drowned in paperwork and so many extra taxes that you need serious funding or government support to make it. This creates an unhealthy mafia like system where you have to be friendly with the right people, who are known to steal your ideas and take advantage of people without paying them (hey, maybe we have your system too). Not exactly an environment that creates new ideas and energy.

    But once in a while someone goes around the establishment, and do their own thing, and that makes me so happy. I hope both these guys make it.

  12. Sandra, the problem is that every system can be twisted to suit a few people, and the other ones are struggling (screwed?) what ever the system. Then, it takes so much work and energy to make it right again that so few people are ready to fight for it. So yeah great initiatives ! :)


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