05 May 2011

Remind me again...

Sometimes I think that people of today have the attention span of fruit flies. I am including myself here because if I am not reminded about something within the hour, I am likely to forget about it again. This coming from someone who was nearly consumed by a serious time warp, the irony does not escape me... Anyway, I just realised that today is Liberation Day, marking the end of the German occupation in WW2. It never was a day I celebrated properly, maybe because I can't imagine Nazi Germans even setting foot in Denmark. You would have to have lived then, or be brought up to show appreciation of this day to never forget the 5th of May. But for those of us who do forget, there are reminders in the shape of flags everywhere, even on the buses. And tonight those who remember to will light candles in the windows. That includes me, if only someone will be kind enough to remind me in about an hour...

Liberation Day

Here is a link to the happiest people you may ever have seen on snapshots of the big day.

Happy Liberation Day!


  1. Haha, Sandra! You put candles in the windows the night ***before*** Liberation Day!

  2. Ha, you know, I was looking at my post from last year, and even though it states 5th of May, I wrote it on the 4th, and that was the night when the lights were out. I'm a bad Dane. Bad. Haha.

  3. Sandra, our day is on the 8th of May and although the German occupation in France is a vivid image even for those who didn't live it* the French don't celebrate it properly. No candle, no nothing, just a holiday.

    (*because of the family stories, the heavy history classes in school, the numerous movies about this period, no French can ever forget that, although they elected a president close to these ideas...)

  4. Ha, Carole, I was just outed as a bad Dane by a Danish reader because it turns out the light thing is the night before, on the 4th of May. So that halo I rewarded myself for remembering the candles in the window last night, is revoked... dammit, haha.


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