04 May 2011

The seven stages

The seven stages of dealing with 15+ moving boxes of shrapnel from your past:

1. Bring it on. I can do this.
2. Unpacking with a smile on your face, see: this is not hard at all. I can do this.
3. First round down/in the garbage. I need a drink. I need to cry. I need to choke someone to death.
4. I need a drink. Second round in the garbage ...can't ...breathe.
5. Writing the overdue post, rewriting it, re-rewriting it. Posting it. Deleting it again.
6. F*ck triage, it all goes in the dumpster. ALL OF IT!
7. The stage of believing that you are in the clear, and that none of this crap will come back to haunt you. The stage of thinking there are only seven stages. I need a drink!


  1. Sounds like its a harsh ordeal, Sandra!
    Can you explain the third point about wanting to cry and choking someone to death? Is it because it is bringing up memories or because it's hard to discard the shrapnel?
    *Hope those drinks calmed you a bit*

    BRW: I finally found a place to live, just 3 weeks shy of being thrown out of my current living quarters. Jubii! It will be in the notorious NW quarter, so maybe I should get a bulletproof vest. I'm hoping that the reputation of 'Tingbjerg' isn't as bad as our news portray it.


  2. Hi D,
    congratulations on your new home! I don’t know your new neighborhood, but in my experience the press dig out the worst and make it sound like everyday stuff. You will probably be a good influence.

    Yes the blast from the past was a shitty-heavy ordeal, but I am almost done putting it behind me. It was not just the stuff I needed to get rid of, but the bloody trauma that was stuck to it, and the feeling of being transported back to a time when you were completely reliant on an unfit parent.

    But life is slowly returning to normal, and the 15 boxes are in the dumpster where they belong. Burn. Haha.

  3. I think you did the right thing!
    When I am going to move to the new place, I will also discard a lot of crap.
    It feels good afterwards; Good riddance (!)

    Enjoy the coming days of sunshine - I know I will.


  4. Ha, good riddance indeed! And I plan to soak up every ray of sun these next couple of days.. or maybe I'll feel generous and leave you a few. :-)

  5. Ah Sandra, you should try to move countries every few months. I still have a lot of junk, but I certainly got rid of so much stuff I thought I couldn't live without. And then yesterday I got some mover inspecting my apt. for the France move, and he looked at my closet and said, "so how much of that are going to take, 70%?" And I was like "No way sir I'm keeping it all, got rid of so much stuff less than a year ago and I'm going to be broke as hell" Need.my.clothes.
    Good luck to you. How's the hangover, liberating ?

  6. Hi Carole,
    oddly the hangover was as liberating as the buzz. It is funny because today is Liberation Day, and Dannebrog (our flag) is up everywhere even on the buses, I can't believe it was only a year ago I made the post with all the candles in the window. Today I feel a little more liberated, and I plan to be a good Dane and light a candle in celebration tonight.

    And best of luck with your big move when the time comes :-)


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