27 May 2011

So not spring

Spring couldn't possibly suck any harder than this: windy, rainy, grey, bitter cold and last week we even had hail. Hello? At a time when the rest of the world suffer floods, earthquakes and tornadoes I am aware that whining is not allowed. I just miss spring, that's all.

In a brief moment of blinding sun I spotted this hand painted wood crate on a bike outside my supermarket. I knew it was good, but between the sun, the shades and the windblown wet hair I sort of shot it blind. It was not until I got home and had a closer look that the full extent of the yum revealed itself to me:

Mixed media beach scene

Mixed media, I love mixed media! Check out this little surfer dude. 

Hand painted wood crate

The style reminds me a lot of the underwater parking lot.

On the bright side the crazy rain is good for the vegetation. Guerrilla gardening on the bridge:

Guerrilla gardening

I love that bridge, did I ever tell you that?


  1. Wow, love the painted crate. The texture of the wood looks like the waters rippled surface. All of that care taken on such a cheap throwaway grønt kasse! Digging the crate.

  2. That is bridge is the actual center of the city, especially when the sun is shinning :)

  3. Bert, I am happy that you dig it too. Everything about that crate is just right.

    Hi Nicolas, after they widened the sidewalk it is like the bridge has taken on a life of its own. This is actually closer to how it looked originally, before the car was named King.

  4. i love mixed media too. I have a soft spot for collage. The spiders that I showed recently have been erased and the little house covered by a horrific poster from the LAPD for a missing kid... So much sadness. Sometimes I forget that I live in Los Angeles where I suppose the crime rate is quite significant. But on a happy note, I saw that the spiders moved near the pier, a couple of miles south... Also thank you again for the addresses. The flights from Paris to CPH are quite cheap it seems.

  5. Hi Carole,
    on the addresses I want to look into it a little more before you get here, but I guess we have time for that. The missing kid poster sounds so sad, I can't imagine what that would be like.. ugh. In Europe it is still a big deal when a child goes missing, like the Madeleine case. I hope it will never become an everyday occurrence.

    And yes, the flights are cheap within Europe, that is one of my favorite parts about living here. :-)

  6. I totally agree with bert. So much effort on a crate that is normally thrown away. Just that is beautiful...
    Hope your skies are shining soon!

  7. It feels good to know that the crate is getting some of the appreciation it deserves. :D

  8. Yeah I agree with nicolas, that bridge IS the center of the city on a sunny day...Gotta love the guerilla gardening - I hadn't noticed that yet.

    Seen a lot of decorated crates and cargo bikes here in the city, and they always make me smile.
    Hope you get a chance to enjoy the nice weather in the coming days, Sandra, it seems it will be a bit more in your favor than last week...!

    Oh and enjoy "Distortion" too , I am headed to Vesterbro on friday for poetry and music.


  9. Oh, yes, the weather is finally shaping up. Distortion is setting up a long dinner table just around the corner from me on Nørrebro, so I might stop by and se what that is about. Enjoy your Vesterbro Distortion day!


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