21 June 2011


As much as I love Copenhagen, I sometimes find it hard to breathe here. Maybe that is the case for anyone living in a small country? I just got back from a (too) short trip to Amsterdam with five days of hanging with the family, cruising on the bike and greeting all my favorite spots. Just checking in. 


Last time in Amsterdam I was seeing street art everywhere. This time it was like a different layer appeared. Goose bump material in hiding, just waiting for me to uncover it. 

Vintage Amsterdam photos. Obviously meant to keep people from peeping in, but what I like so much is the 3D collage effect, and the endless fun of re-shooting and mixing it up (pictures of pictures, ah).


Macro that.

And around the corner from that the small guerrilla garden, spontaneously erupted in discarded cans.

Guerrilla gardening / Wong Chef

(insert appreciative sound here)

Tegen de soop van de kunst

Yum: using your windows to display your art or speak your mind. The message is not quite clear to me, maybe you can help? Against (something) of art. Writing with tape mmmmm.

And the dogs. Killing me softly, I want one. Now.


Just as I stepped out the door, this woman and her four legged passenger rushed right by me. I was so not ready for something like that, desperately going through my bag to find my camera and then zooming like a mad person to show you this act. Would you have believed me otherwise?



  1. I think I'd believe anything you said you saw someone doing on a bike in Amsterdam :)

    That first photo looks like the guy has donuts for eyes, and now I'm hungry :)

    I think it says "against the destruction of art".

    I was only in Amsterdam for 5 days in my entire life, and I still miss it.

  2. Hahaha, now I see donuts too. Yes, Amsterdam gets under your skin, the way of life is so different from Copenhagen, much more relaxed. I somehow always forget just how calm it is there.

  3. Er det muligt at lokke nogle gode adresser ud af dig? Jeg tager måske en Amsterdam-tur her i sommerferien :)

  4. Det kan du ihvertfald! Du kan bare skrive på mailen hvad du kigger efter, så skal du få. :D


  5. hehe hvor vildt at have sin hund på bagagebæreren.

  6. Ja, det er så fint. Hun støtter lige hovedet med sin højre arm, så hunden også kan se hvor de kører. Det er kunst, er hvad det er.

  7. Really love that dog ride ! Never seen that before, it's amazing he doesn't fall off :-)

  8. I am going to try and teach my dog this stunt, when the time comes.

  9. All they really have to do is stand still, I suppose :)

  10. But on something in movement, that takes balance. And a lot of trust. :-)

  11. True :) Well, if you manage it, we'll expect photos here of course :)

  12. First I need to get the dog, but you can be sure there will be pictures if we make it work. I can't wait. :D

  13. Hi Sandra, yes this is great. I used to go to Amsterdam because my (ex) husband worked there and I had mixed feelings about it. I have now to re-visit. But first, I think Belgium!
    I love the guerrilla garden, I so love plants and I'm so bad with them, it makes me sad. I've killed many :(

  14. Hi Carole, in that case it is important you go there again and make it yours. I also have cities I need to "clean up", like Berlin and London. Any day now.

    But Belgium, I would love to go too, it is only a short train trip from Amsterdam, maybe next time..


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