13 June 2011


One of my favorite stores in Copenhagen is the local illustration art gallery CMYKkld. It is one of those rare and genuine places that make you feel welcome and at ease, and although it is the size of a one bedroom apartment, you can easily spend hours there and still not see everything. Every inch is packed with goodness, originals and prints, posters and independent limited publications. 

The artwork is crazy inspiring, but the interior is a show in itself: the bookshelves are made from cut up old chairs, and everything has been painted a dark grey, down to the doorknobs, lamps and picture frames. The pictures (mine) really don't do this place justice, you will just have to take my word for it when I tell you it is one of the coolest stores in Copenhagen.

Look at that illustrated smørrebrøds guide in the far right corner, my heart nearly skipped a beat!

The latest show is a collage themed co-exhibition by illustrators Hanne Louise Nielsen and resident Norwegian Gina Thorstensen, very different in style, yet complementing each other perfectly. This is my favorite Hanne piece:

Watch what you read! It will shape you.

And a video with a touch of Gina, oozing "hygge".

(you feel it, don't you?)

CMYKkld is located in Jægersborggade (but of course), with a set of cosy opening hours:

Jægersborggade 51
2200 N Copenhagen

Link fest:

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