26 June 2011

From Nørrebro with love

Before you go thinking that I have turned into a cranky hater, I think I'd better spread some love. All these hearts were spotted on the same day, and all of them on Nørrebro. If I had seen them anywhere else in Copenhagen I might have dismissed them as cheesy, but they are blooming in the midst of construction work and cemeteries, and I think it is obvious that they come... well, from the heart.

A heavy heart

A heavy heart, the project En Sten Fra Hjertet (a stone from the heart), Danish expression for getting it off your chest. An art project by artist Jens Toni Willumsen, offering people a way to unburden their hearts, either by writing directly on the stone, or placing a note in the cement. 

The wall of the famous Assistens Cemetery. This wall is not just a wall, it is a battlefield. On one side you have those who think it is the perfect canvas for tags and graffiti, on the other you have me. I love this rare stretch of calm, and I appreciate the efforts to keep it clean.

(crazy cosy song made a hundred years ago in support for freetown Christiania)

You can't kill us, we are a part of you...

2200 the zipcode of Nørrebro.

I love Nørrebro.


  1. "a stone from the heart", I love it! So much better than the French "empty your bag"!!!

  2. Oh, no: empty your bag? That's harsh. Oh, you make me laugh tonight, thank you for that. :D

  3. You're really good at spotting these beautiful things in the city Sandra! I think I need to slow down a bit to spot them In Real Life:)
    Thanks for your photos + blog!

    I ♥ 2200 too :)

  4. Thank you Drumstick, I am happy to hear that you are inspired to slow down. All kinds of things can happen when you are at a reduced pace, I recommend it. :-)


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