10 June 2011

Ladies and gentlemen

As a recent development my eyes have grown big enough to hold people too. Suddenly I am spotting cool details on other cyclists, and I find myself chasing them down the street desperately reaching for my camera. And no way I have the balls to ask their permission, I sneak the shots like a thief in the night, up close and from behind.

It is interesting (to me) how even with people I still see the big picture in the details. Colorful, unexpected, tidy, messy, sexy, funny, it is all there. It can also be in a single gesture, like the father holding his daughter's tiny hand at the red light (I still can't get over that), those are the little things that in a way tells you everything. It feels a little strange to only see all this now... on the other hand I have been busy exploring the still life. But I assure you that the people spotting is not going to take my focus away from that, it just feels like my eyes have grown so big and hungry that they need more.

A star in stripes

I call this girl a star in stripes. 

Red on red

Obviously still working on the settings..

High speed chase

Rushing down the street with a big chair in her arms (me in high speed chase on my bike). The dark nylons in the coral stacked wooden heels.. yes, woman! 


Crazy cool little Copenhagener. I feel like throwing in a fanfare.

And the men...

The back pocket

...it makes me wonder what I have been missing all along.

If you know what I mean?


  1. Dejligt med mennesker!

  2. Ja, jo. Lige pludseligt. Har lyst til at råbe højt: jeg kan se, jeg kan se. :D

  3. Well, maybe not, people tend to be trendier/bolder... than ever. I think more and more people are biking with crazy heels or lovely dresses, etc. No? Was I blind too before?

  4. Love it! See you later- I feel like going on a bike ride ;)

  5. hi Carole, with me I know am (have been?) partially blind because I can be in a room full of people and still not see anyone. Not really. How lame is that?

    Celena, happy to inspire :-)

  6. Jeg er glad for at jeg allerede selv har de lækre koral hæle, for ellers ville jeg blive mega midundelig!

    Har dit kamera en "kids & pets" setting? Den plejer at være god til ting i bevægelse.

  7. Hej Amalie, nu er jeg misundelig! Hvor får man de lækre koral hæle? Og mange tak for kamera tip, jeg har fundet *kids & pets*, det må straks afprøves.


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