15 June 2011

North by Northwest

The one thing that creeps me out about living in the city is the escalating gentrification. Nothing is allowed to grow wild or just exist unsupervised and the apartments are becoming so expensive that they are out of reach for small income households. Leaving a city in danger of turning into a monochrome amusement park exclusively for those who can afford the ride.

As the centre expands, people move further away. The island Amager is picking up the pace, and so is the Northwest side. I took a nice long trip there the other day not knowing where I was going, ending up way out in the new Youth House. I swear, if they had placed these kids any further from the centre they would need a passport to get there. One of my biggest regrets is not seeing the Youth House at Jagtvej when I had the chance, so this one had my undivided attention. I need to go back of course because there are so many layers and levels that I did not get to see, but I felt enough like a tourist as it was. This too familiar sense of not belonging, I wish it would go away.

Shake that money maker

Shake that money maker.

Tag toget / tag (take) the train

Tag (take) the train. This is so good, haha.

The police has totally lost control...

"The police has totally lost control over this part of the city to the youngsters"

Welcome / The Rules

The ground rules. No bullshit allowed.

You can't plan for this sort of thing. As a city all you can do is make room for it and hope it will grow.

(more Youth House yum on flickr)

The Youth House:
Dortheavej 61
2400 NV Copenhagen


  1. Oh this is good ! Yes gentrification is all over the place in our cities, and I was thinking the other day that I've lived in a gentrified atmosphere for so long now that going back to Paris (which is gentrified but not as much as the Upper West Side of Manhattan, The 8th arrondissement in Zürich or the place I live in in Santa Monica) will be kind of shocking. Still Paris must be ultra gentrified now, because when I see the rents they are asking for a tiny place in a not so hot area, I'm pulling my air out! One day I actually stopped breathing, hahaha.
    With my job without alimony, there is NO way I can rent any place in Paris, can you believe that (I'm a meteorologist in fact)? And the places loose all life. A friend of mine is always complaining about how Paris looks like a museum, turning into a mausoleum. Let's see!

  2. Your pics look good ! Thanks to give me my dose of your CPH.

  3. Hi Carole, the rent thing is maybe just a big city curse? But what makes the big city life so interesting is the mix of people and characters. If it is too much of one thing, it is a ghetto. Even if it is money.

    I would never have guessed that you are a meteorologist. Just last week I was about to spank them for not ever getting it right, now I am glad I kept it in, haha. I can't wait to hear your updates from Paris, and see the pictures.

  4. Hi J, I am happy that you like it. :-)

  5. Hi Sandra,
    Nice to follow your "pérégrination" in CPH !

    Are you agree if i print " police & youngsters" on my front door ? of course with your copyright in black and big...


  6. Hi J, I don't know this word "pérégrination", but you are welcome to use my picture on your front door.

  7. Hey Sandra, last month you said to me that you want to improve your french : " Pérégrination " means something like travelswith foot and mind, you know ? Thanks for the door ! Ciao.

  8. Haha, all right then, thank you for the French lesson.

  9. AnonymousJune 21, 2011

    The graffiti are just great! Thanks for placing them on your site.

    On the other hand: I must admit that I would not feel comfortable in this area as a tourist.


  10. Hi Ulrike, it is so far away from anything touristy that I doubt anyone would find it without looking for it specifically. But the artwork is still worth the journey, I think. Or you can just lean back and catch it here. :D


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