30 June 2011

Re: Construction

Did I mention that everything in Copenhagen is under construction or being renovated at the moment? It seems very uncoordinated to me. This would be the perfect time to call all creative minds, and try to come up with a couple of winning construction site solutions that could even inspire other big cities. Vertical gardens? Trompe l'oeil effects? Inviting children, street artists or entire neighborhoods to embellish their local eyesore? I would love to see the city employ an aesthete, not a desk jockey, but an actual field person. Someone who could not only point out the violations to the human eye, but also come up with simple solutions on how to improve things (and I am not talking about another advertising banner cover up, here). I understand that looking good may not be the main priority for the entrepreneurs, but that does not mean that things should just be left the way they are.

The other day I passed yet another construction site in the centre of the city, and I nearly fell off my bike. It was beautiful. So beautiful that I had to dismount and spend the next twenty minutes taking pictures of every little detail. 

This masterpiece is by the scaffolder F.M. Stilladsservice. Have you ever seen anyone take such pride in scaffolding before? I am blown away!


  1. So what's happening over there in CPH? You create beauty out of an underground carpark. Scaffolding becomes a sculptural masterpiece.Bert never ceases to amaze.Mr Utzon creates one of the world's most lovely buildings on the shores of Sydney Harbour.

    Is it something in the water? In those Danish genes? or just taught in school?

    Do tell.I want to know!!


  2. Wow, no I have not.

    Speaking of scaffolders, up in the North of Canada they're called 'erection specialists' LOL

  3. Ha, Ian, I see your point. But I only show you the best here, and things like the car park and purple scaffolding are exceptional, and not something you see every day. My hope is that the purple scaffolding will inspire others, and that the people behind it will be rewarded with lots of business for the effort.

    And speaking of Bert, he just made an installment down the street, I can’t wait to show you. :-)

  4. Hi Nova,
    Erection specialists... hahaha, surely that must be a nickname? So funny.

  5. Nice post Sandra! The way of your thinking is very original. These articles would be the masterpieces.

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