28 July 2011

The Balancing Act

It is tourist season in Copenhagen, and at the same time 40 percent of Danes are on vacation, making for an odd change of atmosphere. The pace is different, and everywhere I look I see people wandering with maps. I am touched that they like my city enough to go here in their free time spending their hard-earned cash, but I can't help but wonder if it meets the expectations. Copenhagen by tourist bus... I don't know.

And the weather... don't get me started, what an insult. The evenings are cold the days are mostly wet, and grey at best. I'm trying real hard to not let it affect me, but it is taking its toll. As always it helps seeing things through a lens, these guys are at display at the Government Square. The Balancing Act is a campaign by the UN for the education of sustainable development. Remember the hovering Obama from the COP15 climate talks? They are made by the same sculptor Jens Galschiøt

 I circled them for nearly half an hour, and it was almost like they were changing their poses for me.

Mid shoot a tourist bus pulled up, releasing a fresh batch of visitors. It was the oddest feeling standing among them taking pictures of my own city, knowing that none of us probably got nowhere near the same view of Copenhagen, or The Balancing Act.

Summer?  Please.


  1. Looking at those sculptures, it just kind of hit me how delicate our own physical balance is - that we are attached to the ground enough to stay upright, to pedal our bikes around, to take photos of things. Just a slight change in gravity or friction, and our balancing act is all over (as I too often found out during the winter in Lithuania - you have to get used to walking on ice).

    It makes me grateful to have my two feet planted on the ground, it feels kind of cosy - like cuddling a person you're very fond of.

    I can't imagine any city looks very good by tour bus.

  2. Oh, Dave that is just poetic. I wish the artist could know how he inspires someone so far away with his work. The sculptures are almost alive, I could probably go back another day and take an entirely different set of pictures.

    On the tourist thing, I just got an interesting mail introducing a fresh concept: guerrilla guiding. I need to look into that. :-)

  3. Well, if you happen to one day meet that artist, you can tell him :)

    You should advertise guerrilla tours of Copenhagen - I would love that kind of tour, which shows me all the little bits of things that nobody else notices :)

  4. Sandra > I know exactly what you mean, the sun is more than welcome to return. July has been the wettest in 80 years.
    I think we might get to see a bit more of SUN next week - which fits me great, because I have 2 weeks holiday when I get off work today :-)

    I like Galschiøt's sculptures, they somehow combine the old-fashioned way of making statues with interesting new concepts. Will look for them.
    With hopes of the sun's return, I wish everyone a happy weekend; the new Youth House on Dortheavej 61 is celebrating its 3rd birthday tomorrow :)

  5. Please do, Sandra! You can read more about it on www.facebook.com/GGCPH (short for Guerilla Guiding Copenhagen). See the pictures of guided tourists and join the 'movement'.

  6. Hi Drumstick, I hope the sun returns for your holiday. Has it already been three years on Dortheavej? Crazy. I hope the shaken money maker is still in place. And the train. :-)


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