10 July 2011

Birdie Num Num

When I heard that Red Bull was going to host a sports event on the lake yesterday, I was not amused. My concern was as always the well-being of the swans (I am exhausted from worrying about them). All but the single breeding couple have fled the scene, as the lakes are filling up with more boats and canoes and activities than ever. The last couple is stuck until the young ones can cross the street and join the pack on the Østerbro side of the lakes. All that's left in the water these days is the smelly and fast growing algae, the Birdie Num Num.

Because of the sports event (that turned out to be confined to the far end of the lake, everybody got along just fine, proving once again that worrying is such a waste of time) the city had swooped up the algae and left it to dry in heavy piles. And then somebody decided to make my day:

Algae troll

Hahaha. So cool!


Birdy Num Num

It smells foul, but it is crazy beautiful. Nobody's perfect.

What in the world is that? I can't imagine. Hahaha.


  1. Haha LOVE IT!

    I think I know where all the swans are. At Damhus søen. There are loooads of them. Some days they even takeover the path around the lake, together with goose and ducks.

  2. Excellent. Great humour.

  3. The smell is really really bad. I saw those "monsters" too and by some magic was immediately thinking: I know who would make a blog post about that! and voila, you made it!

  4. Hi Sascha, that is so good to hear, as much as I enjoy looking at them every day, the living conditions are just not good here anymore. Hurra for Damhussøen :-)

    Hi Nicolas, how funny! I even passed him again the next day, and somebody added buck teeth, haha.

  5. Fantastic- even disgusting lake crap can be beautiful ;)

  6. I know, it's beautiful and yum for the birds too (bird man told me this winter). :D

  7. Hahahaha that's awesome.

  8. Just love this monster!
    If you have a photo of it with the teeth, I'd like to see it, too (on flickr perhaps).

    Also thanks for the link to the Peter Sellers clip - one of the greatest comedians in history :)

  9. I do have a pic of the buck teeth, but the monster had dryed up some, and the light was not flattering so I won't put him through that. We should remember him like this.


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