02 July 2011

Charging... clear..

Copenhagen is almost freakishly quiet at the moment, the party heads are at the Roskilde Festival, the families are on summer vacation and the jazz crowd have taken over the city with the annual Jazz Festival. It is all very laid back, bordering on comatose. If you know what I mean?

Street art to the rescue once again, with a lamb post: 

Lamb post

A lamb post with a twist..



Paging Mr. Right:

Get here

Paging Mr. Right

Welcome to Comahagen.


  1. Holy sheep, that lamb art's not baaaaad!!!!

  2. Hey, i found your blog via novarella`s and i´m stoked! Now surely Copenhagen is on my list of cities i want to visit :) and you gave me some courage to pull off my own street art projects soon...(you know i´m a bit of a procrastinator, too)

  3. Greetings Bananenblatt, fellow procrastinator and welcome to the blog. :D

  4. ah, my 'Get here'is there, that's so cool, although I'm back to Bucharest and not there:( miss u CPH

  5. Ah, is that your work? Funny that you both ended up in here, almost poetic. :-)

  6. invoking that street spirit:)


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