07 July 2011

The human touch

There is something welcoming about the traces of a human touch, and nowhere more so than in the public space, where you can sometimes feel like herded livestock. Maybe that is why street art is so important, like some sort of reassurance that we are not alone. Or maybe the term "street art" doesn't even cover it anymore, it has to do with interacting with the space we inhabit. Guerrilla gardening is a part of that, and you can hardly call that street art? Or how about street furniture:

Pallet chair. Surprisingly comfortable and way too cool for words.

This one totally made my day: a hand painted wooden ramp for wheelchairs, spotted at the Round Tower. Accessibility is required by law, but this is the first ramp I have seen that actually looks inviting. It is beautiful and it beats the loud and banging metal version. I am pinning a Classic Copenhagen Award on this one (one day there will be a big award show, just you wait..).

And speaking of the human touch no major construction site is complete without Bert. The latest show is on at Nørrebrogade, where the bicycle highway is nearly done.

Bert on Nørrebrogade

You see what I mean about the human touch?



  1. Berts stuff is sooo cute ^^

  2. HEy Sandra! I'm back in Europe... Haven't taken a picture yet, but I have to put my shit together. nice post, I agree Bert's stuff is really cute. :-)

  3. I am glad you both like it. And welcome back to Europe Carole :-)


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