31 July 2011

Natures way

Remember these guys?

June 3rd

June 3rd. Seven.

June 26th

June 26th. Seven became four scary fast. These are the last swans in the Nørrebro side of the lakes, and the parents keep them far away from people. Besides there is no shortage of food, with all the yummy, farty goo floating around. I was never good at watching the weak succumb on the nature channel, and it doesn't help when the show is live. But such is the way of nature, only the strong survive.

July 31st

And today, practicing the hissing skills. How fast they grow up.


  1. I would almost love those birds again... Well I love that nature is allowed to live its own life without killings or poisoning from "the human"...

  2. Yeah, I'm also not so sure if they didn't have a little help from the humans, being chased around so much. I imagine only these four could keep up the pace (people in boats attempting to get closer, the poor birds have been moving non stop). But they would have to be strong to live a full life in Copenhagen, so maybe it is for the best.


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