14 July 2011

Summer whine

The crazy heavy never ending rain notwithstanding, the summer holiday is on and the city seems abandoned. It is even more quiet than usual because those who are left, are hiding indoors. But I am wondering if staying dry is really worth it. If this is what the climate is going to be like in the future, maybe we need to make it work for us? Dress for it (oh, the business of keeping wet people cool and cool people dry, I smell it) and maybe even look into some outdoor water games? Keep hand towels at the bars, and offer access to hairdryers? Something. Anything. We can't just sit here and watch summer go by, as we wait for the rain to pass.

Where did all the people go? Oh, I know:

[Explored] Happy 100.000 :-)



  1. It's raining here in Paris too. Frenchies everywhere, I have to get used to it. I don't see many Danish but would I make the difference? They went for the sun...

  2. And I like Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra ;-)

  3. We have had exactly one day of real summer so far, and that was yesterday. A special present from the weather Gods for my birthday :-)

  4. Happy birthday then Sandra, may the Birthday gods treat you well for the rest of the year!

  5. Thanks, Sandra! Now whenever I visit Copenhagen and notice the streetlights, I'll think of this!


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