24 July 2011

Supersize that

Rewarding the gaping hole behind the Norwegian massacre with fame, promoting his "manifesto" (please?!) seems counterproductive. If I ran a newspaper, I would try something completely different, like blanking out the space reserved for his face and name (leaving it empty as a message), and refusing to link to his so-called manifesto. It would send a clear message that this kind of action is not encouraged, nor rewarded with instant fame and free publicity. How gutsy would that be? I would marry that kind of newspaper.

Ah, I don't want to waste another syllable on that stain on humanity. Moving on to what makes us feel alive and happy. Well, I don't know about you, but this kind of thing just rocks my world:

Supersize that

Supersize that.

Giant birdhouse :D


Compensating for a non existing summer. 



  1. http://instagr.am/p/IVjUO/?ref=nf - maybe this can help cheer you up! i seem to remember seeing something about this artist on your blog before, and he/she has struck the building next to mine! super cool.

  2. Haha, yes that looks like Copenhagen Street Animators in colors, street art really have a way of picking me right up.

  3. AnonymousJuly 25, 2011

    Your huge birdhouse made me smile! So Thank You!

  4. Sandra, I agree with you. Why advertise for him and his fellow retards...? I miss the nature. It is so tamed in Paris.

  5. Hi Inspiredcyclists, I am so happy to hear that, it makes me smile too.

    Hi Carole, I just learned that Danish TV is playing right into his hands with a full show on the man behind blablabla. So stupid. Well, I imagine Paris is quite a chock after the canyons and beach life.. but I was watching Tour de France yesterday, and I now miss Paris so much it hurts.

  6. So :( for Norway.... Maybe I am being totally politically non-correct here but I have to say that I was relieved that it was not someone who could be considered an "immigrant". Can you imagine how that would have lit the fires? I would have been really nervous, considering what has been going on politically lately.
    I agree- black him out. He doesn't deserve the notoriety.
    That birdhouse is fantastic? Maybe the swans could move in? Speaking of which, how are the swans doing lately?
    I'll send you some of our heat wave....

  7. Hah, it's a bird house for an eagle or osprey or something :)

    It drives me crazy how much people consume sensationalist media these days, how everything has to be emotionally charged and scandalous or nobody pays any attention (so of course half the news is made-up or twisted just to make it crazy enough for people to listen). I think it's really killing us and our view of the world.

  8. Hi Celena, it shouldn't matter who did this, but fact is that it makes all of the difference in the way we see the world. Whatever this freak was trying to achieve, he may just have buried his own case.

    And the birdhouse is just a light in the dark and the endless (endless I tell you!) rain. I don't see many swans anymore, other than the two with "kids", the survivors from last winter have all fled to the Østerbro side of the lakes. It is a pity because among other things they would help get rid of the green and farty goo (algae) sufforcating the lakes at the moment. I'm told it is a real treat to the birds. :-)

  9. Hi Portlandize,

    It is quite sickening. I am not going to check in on the newsfeed the next couple of days, I am waiting for them to get it out of their system. And I would give anything to un-see his creepy image. They all use the same one, from his press kit (sometimes even twice in the same story). It doesn't get any more wrong than that.

    Is it too much to hope for that the world will grow up and stop rewarding the bottomfeeders?

  10. Rewarding the crazy fuck heads is where the money´s at. Sigh.

  11. The media gives way too much P.R. to that disgrace of a man. It may be the law, but why (for instance) does the Norweigan judge read out loud the statement from their prisoner? In my opinion he should not have any privilegies like that. Also shit like he had wished to be presented in uniform in court -I don't care about his sick wishes, or what his deranged brain has conjured up. I hope he gets judged by the new 2008 law (which I hope he didn't know about), "crimes against humanity", which can give up to thirty years prison. In my opinion the best thing would be to put him in the toughest prison in Norway without the option of a parole (ever) for the rest of his damned life. His life would become a living hell for the rest of his life, like he deserves.
    Putting a bullet in his head would be too merciful. And I'm against the death penalty, as it is just as primitive as the murderer's deeds.

    It is his kind I despise more than any other, because he is right wing extremist, and I see myself as a left wing activist (non violent though, I draw for non-profit political magazines and make street art instead.)

    I hope that this will harm the right wing's reputation and have the exact opposite effect of what Breinvik hoped to.

    May he have a lifelong negative karma ride.


  12. Hi Bert, maybe it is time the public realize that our actions have consequences too. Let's not play into his hands, shall we? I have read my last piece on this person and his diary. The focus should be on the right wing now, it's cleanup time.

  13. Hi Drumstick, I have stopped reading anything about his guy. One reason is that I am not going to reward the media with my attention, as the give him what he wants, and another is that I don't care.

    I think the spotlight should be on the toxic right wing, and the fear mongering. When the spotlight is on, it flushes out people like Søren Pind and Mads Christensen, with their insensitive and moronic statements. I believe you are right, that in the long run this murdering nobody has harmed his own case.

  14. Dear Sandra,

    I've thought long and hard as to whether it's possible to comment on the Norwegian masacre without sounding trite.The fact is,I can't.All I can do is to depair at the madness that lies within the hearts of (some)men. These atrocities are never carried out by women.

    Some years ago,we had a similar masacre in Port Arthur ,near Hobart, with some 32 people killed by a deranged madman. But some good did come out of it.The then(conservative)prime minister,John Howard,banned the ownership of semi automatic weapons and made the ownership of hand guns almost impossible for the average person.

    Having worked for a Norwegian shipping line for nearly 6 years,I have some understanding of how this must be affecting the Norwegian sense of decency and pride. And my heart goes out to them.



  15. Dear Ian,

    The Norwegians are pulling together in an impressive way. The way they have been handling this unimaginable crisis sets an example to the rest of the world, it is humbling. You see the Primeminister as a strong and loving figure, something that would not happen here, and they seem to find strength in each other.

    We should learn from this too, as a people, and especially the politicians on the right-wing, who fuel mad people like this on a daily basis. All this fear, it is unnecessary.

    Carrying weapons is already illegal in Denmark (in fact we have gone overboard banning even box-cutters, criminalizing everybody), but that is not going to stop a dedicated mad person. Nor is re-instating border control. The change has to come from the people, in the way we treat each other, and how we vote.

    As always so good to hear from you.


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