18 July 2011

Tap, tap...

Tap, tap... hello? Is it just me, or is it awfully quiet on the internet at the moment? Not that I have anything remotely interesting to say, but that does not mean I have nothing to share. I was on a big safari on Vesterbro today (warming up to that neighborhood, I have to say), and I am just itching to show you the harvest. Look at this:


..for your bike.
And a strange newfound interest in houses. Old houses with a hint of new, mmm.

Vesterbro blue


This orange... I think there was something going on with the light today, it reminds me of that magic day when I found the beautiful house hiding in the latin quarter.


And this bike was completely covered in checks, varying in size depending on the position.

Vi spiser Ota Solgryn

A warning for the burglar: We eat Ota Solgryn (classic Danish oatmeal cereal claiming to build strength).

Hold up

You may be exposed to burglars and guns, but that doesn't mean you should give in to fear and let evil win. The most important thing is to maintain a sense of humor.

Birthday bouquet

And my birthday bouquet. :-)

What more can you possibly ask for?


  1. Once again you find the hidden treasures of our city :)
    The "Air 1 kr" reminded me (at first) of the Fresh air dispensers for humans in Tokyo (or was that just an urban myth?) But when I realised it was for the bike, I thought 'that's a bit greedy of the bike shop. All other bike shops have FREE air for the tires'...-Wouldn't you agree?

    Happy birthday, by the way!
    - I held mine a couple of weeks ago ;)


  2. hey hey.I'm still here,crapping on,in my own little corner of the internet.As usual,I love seeing the world through the lens of your camera.You see beauty where others would just see everyday drabness!


  3. That brick house is beautiful! And i definitely have to make my bike more custom,too, it really cannot be that hard...

  4. Hahahaha i loved the anti-burglar sign, really funny!

    And also, i Love Cph, specially Nørrebro



  5. Ah, life signs, I love it!

    Drumstick, I was so occupied with the sigh itself, that I am not sure if there was a even a bike shop on the other side. If it is just air service, I think 1 kr is fair. And happy birthday to you too :-)

    Ian, it is good to know that you are still around (crapping on? haha) and enjoying the Copenhagen updates. I do sometimes wonder if I see things differently, I feel like they are jumping at me, but that may not be the case for everybody. When you point that out, you remind me to be grateful. Thank you for that.

  6. Hi Bananenblatt, yes go ahead and pimp that bike. I was just thinking that the checkered bike is really unattractive to a bike thief.

    Marina, I love Nørrebro too (my home), but Vesterbro has its own thing going on, I am liking it more for every (daytime) visit.

  7. Happy birthday!

    This is the first chance that I have to "wander" on the internet- my eldest son has been home and I have been the entertainment factor!

    I love Vesterbro! I used to live in Østerbro and, as cool as it is, doesn't quite have the sense of humour ;)

  8. Hi Celena, thank you for the birthday wishes :-) It still surprises me how Copenhagen can be so different, depending on the neighborhood. It is like there is a Copenhagen for everybody. One of these days I will head to the island Amager to investigate things, and that is a whole other ball game, almost like going to another country. Can't wait (maybe tomorrow..).


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