04 July 2011


So we had a couple of monsoons this weekend, did you notice? The first one hit on Saturday. Not your pedestrian Scandinavian monsoon, more like hammers and nails from a vengeful sky, and more water in two hours than we would get in two months. Plus crazy thunder, massive lightning (5000+) and hail. If you don't count a hundred thousand rats, there were no fatalities, but judging from the footage there just as easily could have been. Especially if anyone had been caught in some of those drowned cars. The sewer system burst in several places, streets and highways were flooded, and basements and businesses all over Copenhagen have been more or less destroyed.

I always thought of heavy rain as a "clean" disaster, but not so. It is dirty, contaminated and smells like death, wrecking everything in its path much the same way fire does. In a way we have been lucky in this part of the world, with so little exposure to extreme climate, but that is changing fast. Is it terrible to wish this had happened pre-COP15? If it could have secured a better outcome? I can't help but think that this is the price we pay for neglecting the climate situation. And that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Salvaged goods in the street today.

(Forget about decent monsoon shots, have you ever tried to capture falling rain? Ugh!)


  1. Hej Sandra! I hope that you did not get TOO wet with the downpours! I was totally amazed at all the pictures in the newspapers, especially the rats (yuck)....
    May you have lots of sunshine to dry out the wet cellars and basement apartments!

  2. Hej Celena, the rats, eeeeek bloated and floating in the canals, it grosses me out. Fortunately I have not seen any yet, but I may have caught the smell. You wouldn't believe the amount of debris in the streets these days, from the cleaned out basements. Normally it would be fun to go through (and some do), but it has been floating around in toilet water (eeeeeek).


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