06 August 2011


After the peace mural, the Fairey crew moved on to the next project at a distant location on Østerbro (okay, so everything on Østerbro is distant to me). It was an elaborate piece, a study in coordination and precision begging to be documented. It was, extensively of course, but I doubt that any two of us got exactly the same view. Mine made it to the Brooklyn Street Art blog today. It is amazing that I could get my arms down long enough to write this post, don't you think?

If you are not exhausted with the Fairey tales by now, have the last of the best here. It is all in the details:

André the measure tape
André the tape measure.

And the crowning piece, the backside of the giant sticker from the opening:
Littering is for suckers
Littering is for suckers. Hear, hear! 



  1. Sejt. Du overtager snart hele verden.

  2. Yay...skal vist lige til Østerbro og kigge lidt (+ vesterbro og indre by).

    Fine fine billeder både her og dér :)

  3. Tak Superhelt, mangler selv at se et par stykker. Nu regner det igennem igen, gad vide om de bliver siddene, det meste er jo pasteup og papir.

  4. Mon ikke, tænker han er vant til at lave papirting der kan holde til lidt af hvert. Det håber jeg i hvert fald :)

  5. excellent Fairey, Excellent Sandra.


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