31 August 2011

Fashion and beans

The coolest and cosiest thing to happen in Danish fashion in recent time is the knitting club Kaffeslabberas (coffee club), a collaboration between designers and elderly knitters. This season they were invited to decorate the traditional Copenhagen Fashion Week window at confectionery La Glace:

Fashion week macaroons

The fashion week macaroon, coffee version.

The knitting club

(Introduction reads) The knitting club Kaffeslabberas was founded in 2008 by designer Susanne Hoffmann and four women from the elderly-facility Sløjfen. Today ten knitters meet every Tuesday to knit sweaters, stockings and scarves sold in the Mads Nørgaard and Henrik Vibskov stores. The proceeds goes towards financing lectures, parties and day trips for the members of the center. Kaffeslabberas is the living proof that you are never too old to take on a challenge, and that a sense of purpose improves the quality of life. Kaffeslabberas is an encouragement to share a passion, regardless of differences and age.

Last week they published their first book "Til Kaffeslabberas", a compilation of interviews with designers and knitters, knitting patterns and beautiful photos, on the perfect choice of crisp, matte paper.

Back piece by street artist HuskMitNavn.

It was appropriately launched in the Designmuseum Danmark, and attended by the esteemed knitters (hello kryptonite), gracefully dressed for the occasion. Only rarely does fashion make so perfect sense to me as it did right there. Or in the words of Godfather:

Kaffeslabberas (in Danish only) 

"Til Kaffeslabberas" is in Danish, and published by Gad.


  1. Hehe....Who says you can't have fun when you're an older citizen?
    Love the clip with Al Pacino! Maybe I should watch it again... Do you also like "Goodfellas" too?

  2. I do, I do, but I try not to watch it too often as the ending is too depressing.


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