18 August 2011

High times

As part of a new routine I am going to Vesterbro every day to get high. I never thought it would happen to me, but now that it has, I only wish that it did a long time ago. Seriously people, why did no one tell me that exercising feels so damn good? The stupid stress is backing off just a little, the headaches are gone and I feel goooood. High, I tell you. And as a bonus (one of many), I am rediscovering Vesterbro in a rare daytime version. It is only a comfortable 15 minute ride from my home, so how come it is so different? Copenhagen.. I am beginning to realize that no matter how long and hard I look, there will always be more.


You ain't seen nothing yet..

(Service announcement: the mosaique is on the corner of Oehlenschlægersgade and Kaalundsgade on Vesterbro)


  1. Hmmm, det lyder da ikke så tosset. Hvor er du begyndt henne, om man må spørge?

  2. Det er en optur uden ende. Jeg sender dig lige et link.

  3. Quote Sandra:

    "Copenhagen.. I am beginning to realize that no matter how long and hard I look, there will always be more."

    This is exactly what I'm saying! Copenhagen is for me like a big old box found in the attic, full of lovely, exciting, magic crap you never get enough of :P

  4. Hi Martin,

    how cosy that you see it the same way! It is not even that big a city, but there are so many layers and corners and back yards. I love magic crap. :D

  5. i love vesterbro :) and this crazy place is a block from where i live...i'm glad it's making you happy! x

  6. I have never seen this corner of the city either! Wonderful mosaics (especially), can you lift the veil as to where this building is? :-)

    Btw, if you like New York I saw an amazing documentary yesterday about a guy in New York, Clayton Patterson, who has been photographing and filming the gentrification of the south part of Manhattan since 1979 till today - they include a lot of his footage and interview a lot of people. Punks, drags, hobos and other colorful personages mostly :)
    One of them is 'The Mosaic Man' who decorates buildings and sidewalks with his mosaics.
    That's why I thought I should include this link in this post.
    It's a five star documentary which I urge you to watch free for yourself, here:


    To the Copenhageners: Galore 2011 is taking place in Valby Kulturhus this weekend, (also free) with loads of artists, djs and graffiti crews from all over Europe.

    More info here:

    Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

  7. Just looked closer and I can see the street sign saying Kaalundsgade :-) so that solved itself.

  8. Hi Drumstick,

    thank you so much for the documentary link, I love that stuff. And I think I have some old shots somewhere of the work of the Mosiac Man. It must be some of my first street art photography.

    And it is funny because I just read about the Galore thing today, I am considering checking it out. And I also have to go see the outdoor street art show in Køge. So much to do..

    A great weekend to you too :-)

  9. Hi Carling, it is making me happy, all of it. And although I am married to Nørrebro, I also understand why people love Vesterbro, it has its moments too. :D


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