01 August 2011

Shepard Fairey

We are only one day in, and August is already shaping up to kick Copenhagen into orbit. Forget about the comatose state of July, and what little summer we had, this month is bringing it. I want to find the time for all of it: the electronic music festivals Strøm and Stella Polaris, Copenhagen Fashion Week, the international street theatre festival Metropolis, Copenhagen Cooking, MAD Foodcamp... but best of all the five day bonanza that is Shepard Fairey generously gracing Copenhagen with no less than five giant pieces.

Fairey is in town for the opening of his latest show Your Ad Here in V1 Gallery, and he has hit the ground running. Yesterday the crew was working on the lot of the old Youth House. Ever since they tore it down (here and here), it has been like an open wound refusing to heal. The lot is something between sacred and haunted, and up until yesterday no one had even dared touch it. And then came Fairey. This is the best if not only solution, and it is almost like the ground have started healing overnight. Street art is mighty.

Shepard Fairey in Copenhagen

Ground Control, Fairey inspecting the progress.

Perfectly orchestrated.

 Instructions from Ground Control: pinch it if you have to.

Peace 69 and a good laugh

The paint is barely dry, and never mind the hovering lift, take my picture. Fairey is amused.


Obey. How can you not?

Jagtvej 69, finally at peace

Jagtvej 69 today, finally at peace.

Five more days to go... you haven't heard the last of it yet, I promise.


  1. Det er så fedt at han er i byen og pynter hist og her. Er spændt på hvad han ellers laver, men jeg tror nu nok denne her bliver favoritten.
    Var forbi søndag aften og det gjorde mig så glad at der endelig sker noget dernede og at det er fint og flot, men samtidig en lille reminder :)

  2. I think there I saw another one in Nygårdsvej 2 this morning.... beautiful <3

  3. Discovered the "Peace" on my way to work. Got to see it everyday and just love it. But it´s already spoiled by some "haters-no-peace", and that´s a shame.

  4. Hej Superhelt, jeg er også spændt på at se hvad de næste bliver, den på Østerbro er allerede noget helt andet. Den er supersmuk, selvom der har været nogle idioter forbi og brække sig udover den.

    Juicebox, I can't wait to see how the Østerbro piece turns out. And the rest of them. I hope they don't stop the good work because of the vandalism.

    Anonymous, the strange thing is that the haters only proved that all hate breeds is more hate. Sigh.

  5. Great article; I love your blog! Thanks for the links to different events. I'll be in Copenhagen later this month and hope to catch some of the events you listed while I'm there.

  6. Hi Will, I'm happy to hear that someone is finding the links useful. I hope you have a great stay here.

  7. Why does he have to put his fucking logo on it. It's just a bloody ad for Obey products.

  8. Hi glitter beast, you seriously need to educate yourself on the subject. The "logo" as you call it is the artist's signature. And this work of art and wish for peace is a gift to the city, it saddens me that you can't see that.

    What happened to the Youth House was a disaster, and it happened to all of us, we need to return the good vibrations to this legendary space, it does not deserve the bullshit and negativity. None of us do. This martyrdom is getting old!

  9. Hej! I saw it yestarday cycling trough Jagtvej and I was thinking: was it here before? For a moment I seriously doubted me observation skills:)
    Cool blog, I like your irony:)

  10. Hej Martin, it does somehow fit in perfectly, I think the wall have been longing for this piece ever since it was stripped. And I am happy that you like the blog :-)


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