05 August 2011


Of course now summer has arrived, tropical nights and all, just to show us what we have been missing. But it is only good news to our many visitors, like his Purple Highness Prince, who is throwing a two day jam session festival in Copenhagen this weekend, the fashion pack and the Obey crew still working their magic across town. This is Copenhagen at its best. I went to the opening of Cph Fashion Week in City Hall for the Anne Sofie Madsen show (remember her balloon girl mural?), her debut. I don't have the equipment for long-shots in dim lights (check the Dazed for pictures and interview), so I turned to the audience instead. The Sartorialist once said that he only shoots people with a good attitude, simply dressing well doesn't do it for him, and after a day of people shooting I get his point, happy and kind is where it's at.

I don't know who she is, but I am a fan. So sweet.

Photographers position: focus all the way down to the toes, check the cut out job and the single sock.

The coolest watch on the kindest man.

After the show people can't get out of there fast enough, it was macro girl to the chase:

Copenhagen Fashion Week
Love how she is doing her own thing, you don't see much of that in fashion.

And speaking of guts, Danish Wood Wood just opened up their new flagship store. Opening day:

Wood Wood store opening

Wood Wood

A spacious former office supply store, right across from the new Christian Louboutin space. Talking or even thinking about the financial crisis is not an option in fashion, it's onwards and upwards darling.


  1. Sandra I agree, kindness is so unfairly underrated and it is one good quality, making people beautiful. Not expensive clothes.

  2. This is no way to enter a popularity contest of course, but I suck at playing by the rules. :-)


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