21 August 2011

Sunday safari, part one

Friday Copenhagen went in to a full frenzy, as our tap water got infected with E coli bacteria. Well, as it turns out the bad sample was from Thursday morning, so at the time the alarm went off, we had all been drinking and showering in it for at least a day. Yesterday the hot zone was narrowed down to my neighbourhood (greetings from the epicentre). The sinner is presumably rainwater seeping into the exposed water pipes at the Nørrebrogade road work. No fancy pictures, just thought I would keep you updated. Saturday I passed the outdoor flea market and I had to stop for these gentlemen. Expressive old mannequins, you know? They suck me in.

Hindsgaul mannequins, made in Denmark. It breaks my heart that they stopped making them here. You can't outsource the feeling..

As I was having my close encounter with his half-men, I chatted with the seller and he recommended I visit Nokken, a small garden community in the far end of Islands Brygge. I had never heard of it, so I made it my Sunday safari destination (hop on the bike with me, like in the old days):

I always assumed the bike path along the lakes was limited to the Østerbro and Nørrebro lakes, but you can take it to the fancier Frederiksberg side too, a totally different experience. No farty goo, of course.

Harbour pool

Passing the harbour pool, so cool. So cold.

The bicycle bridge

Crossing the bicycle bridge, like flying over water. Intoxicating!

The Silo

The Silo

The Silo

The Silo transformed into crazy expensive real estate. Mixed feelings here: I can appreciate the architecture, but I also feel guilty about it knowing this development came at the cost of the old Brygge inhabitants, a.k.a. the "real people" getting evicted. Not all of the architecture is equally impressive, for the most part it is an impersonal inferno of glass and steel. But that's just me, I am partial to the lived in feeling of old and mixed income neighbourhoods.

Copenhagen surfer dude

Copenhagen surfer dude.

And then I made it to Nokken.

(stay tuned for part two)


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