22 August 2011

Sunday safari, part two

As I passed the glass and steel heading for Nokken, the end of the world appeared. Or the beginning, depending on how you look at it. A wilderness that I didn't even know existed in Copenhagen, so peaceful. I still don't know if people live there or just use it for the weekends, and it wouldn't have been that hard to ask someone, but I realized that I really don't want to know. I like the mystery. 

The waterside, with old boats and campers:

Public service:

Public service

A ten minute bike ride from Town Hall Square.. hard to grasp.

Going in, it is more like a forest, with everything from simple sheds to real houses:

As I ventured down a pebble road, a young boy at maybe ten came towards me on his bike, and as we passed each other, he took his cap off in a sweeping gesture to greet me. It was murder by extraordinary kindness, I still can't get over it.


  1. i need to go here! this is wonderful :-)

  2. Amagerkanere er bare så søde.

    Dejlige billeder. Jeg har også været ude ved den flotte campingvogn.

  3. Hi Sandra

    At first I thought you meant Nokken at Rungsted Kyst, but now I am pretty sure you mean the experimental building project at the end of Islands Brygge:

    It's amazing how you can get surprises on bike in Copenhagen, I'll have to make a trip out there some day! Looks peaceful!

    PS> "Satan" piece again... I am very double about his stuff, the placements of the tags are good, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired...Perhaps it is done intentionally ugly? :-)

  4. Hi C, after I went there I realized that this was the place Kelly tried to tell me about, when he was here. :-)

    Hej AmarOrama, jeg kan ikke helt gennemskue hvornår Bryggen bliver til Amager? Måske omkring Nokken? Han var ihvertfald en stjerne den lille mand, han smeltede mig fuldstændig.

  5. Hi Drumstick, yes that was what I thought the guy meant at the fleas too, so funny. But Nokken on Islands Brygge could not be any further from that.

    The Satan tagger is not about execution, obviously, but he gets around. My least favorite location of his is the beautiful old lamps on the Louises Bridge. Argh.

  6. How is there always the coolest stuff in/near Copenhagen? AAAH I want to go there.

  7. Hi Nova, you must. I will keep tempting you until you do.


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