02 September 2011

Enter fall

Enter fall. The days are getting shorter already and we are headed straight for the dungeon. It is just too soon, I can't handle it. In an attempt to talk myself off the ledge, I am trying to focus on the highlights: the bugs are gone (singing on the bike is back), half of your clothes seem new again (at least for the next five minutes), and fall marks the return of cut flowers and candle lights. And another unexpected benefit from the crazy heavy rain are the monster puddles, turning into mirrors offering a peak into a parallel world. The silver lining:

And what comes after rain?

Rainbow action


Have a sweet weekend.


  1. The top picture here is just beautiful. Nørreport never before looked this good. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful pics, Sandra! Although I love autumn (its scent, freshness and sweater-ness), I appreciate that it also means that we are one step closer to winter (boo!). Thanks for looking on the bright side! Have a cozy weekend!

  3. Hi lpfischer, well spotted! It does look a lot better in a rain mirror.

    Hi Celena, thank you so much. Autumn in itself is not bad, it is the fast approach of the dungeon I so dread. But today at least it is all about the bright side :-) A cosy weekend to you too!

  4. I love these pictures, Sandra. You can bet that I'll be looking down, next time I have my Canon out for a spin. :o)

  5. Yay, Dayna, I highly recommend it :D

  6. It's such a topsy turvy world in which we live.I'm dreading summer,which is just around the corner.Endless days of blindingly bright sunlight,hot northerly winds and temps in the low 40s. I dream of a white Christmas,although I know I'd be complaining by the 3rd snowy day.


  7. Hi Ian,

    I keep forgetting that there IS a sun, it is just not here, and too much of it is also a pain, I vaguely recall that. Every time I get on a plane, I am amazed how close the blue sky is, one minute and you are there, all that is separating us Danes from sanity is a blanket of unrelenting clouds. After the non-summer I am dreading the dungeon, on behalf of so many of us. At least we have each other to whine to. :-) Sandra


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