17 September 2011

Free at last

This week we elected a new government, and got our first female Prime Minister. A breath of fresh air, with a promise of a more humane and descent politics. To someone who have so little faith in politicians it is rare to get the hopes up. But here they are. Not only because of the good I believe our new government will do, but because of the removal of the cancerous Danish People's Party, and their hateful propaganda. That, and knowing that enough of us finally had enough, and made the right choice despite last week's government, leaning on the panic button, warning us that we stood to lose everything without them (oh, the irony, coming from the root of the problem).

Granted it was a tight race, and too many Danes are still fine with the lacking solidarity of the past, but the important thing is that we are turning over a new leaf. And I have no doubt that the humanitarian approach will change the way we interact on a daily basis. I already view people differently, it is like knowing that we share something so basic in common makes me feel closer to them. Restoring our reputation and humanity is not going to be an easy fix, but at least we are on the right track. I feel like I got my country back.

Ja! Nej! / Yes! No!



  1. Haha, der er den vildeste berøringsangst når det kommer til politik, det er næsten kun dig der tør. Tak for amen!

  2. Congratulations! We have our first female Prime Minister too here in Australia, but things aren't looking so rosy for her at the moment! If only, she will ditch the idea of offshore processing of asylum seekers.

  3. Hi Lien,
    Thank you very much. It is probably not going to be all rosy here either, but after the last ten years anything will be an improvement.

  4. I think it is VERY scary that Danish P.P is the third largest political party in DK... I hope this is the last 'good' election they get.
    I have high hopes for the new government, I hope they wont fail me, us, everybody or the economy.

  5. Stopdetdog, it is scary. But less so now that they no longer dictate the agenda from the very top. There is already less Pia-material in the news, can't you feel how the air has improved?

  6. I'm not the least bit afraid of talking about politics :)
    Things can only get better. I share your concern that Danish P.P. (DF) is still the third largest party, and that Venstre(big liberal party) got more votes than Socialdemokratiet. But not enough to win! ;)

    But the good thing is that the old VKO shit we've had for 10 years is over, and that DF will not have the same power to set the agenda for the government anymore.
    The party I voted for, "Enhedslisten"(far left) got a super result, and will get 4 more mandates. Along with SF, Socialdemokratiet and Radikale I hope to see some positive changes in the future - It may take a little time, but I am confident.
    Long live the democracy.

  7. I know how it feels to take a deep sigh of relief after almost a decade of tyranny.

    Here's hoping for Denmark and your new lady PM, Danes cut her some slack, give her time to clean up the mess left for her and don't somehow blame it all on her a couple years from now. Speaking from experience, of course...:o*

  8. Hi Dayna,
    You are right it is not going to get better overnight, the mess the last ones left is a nightmare. Some of it may even be too late to rescue, like a whole generation of kids getting a bad start in a crappy school system (that used to be so good). Phew.

    I hope Danes cut her some slack too, half of the country is openly hoping she will fail miserably, so they can get back to lining each others pockets.


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