16 September 2011

Le Touriste

After months of peeking in and wondering, I finally caved and stepped inside. I had to ask: what is this place? The name caught my attention, of course: Le Touriste. But also the furniture and the crazy cool photographic images on every surface. So why did it take me so long to enter? What is it about galleries that says: "this space is only for a select few"? Even I feel it, and I grew up in one. I remember watching people leaning against the windows, trying to catch a glimpse, but very few had the guts to enter uninvited. 

So what is Le Touriste? A mix of old furniture for sale, and limited edition photographic prints in all sizes. It is an ever-evolving exhibition, changing as an item sells, and also a really interesting 3D universe. The interior somehow works with the images, begging for a re-shoot. Impossible to resist:

Couch potato
Le Touriste is owned a run by friends Claus Juul and Mark Damgaard, and if you stop by, they will likely treat you to a cup of coffee in the green couches. With a side of baboon.

Vintage vacuum cleaner imported from Fyn, for the good looks.

Poul Henningsen in da house.

Sorry, nice people only.

Polaroid tattoo

The man with the Polaroid tattoo.

Le Touriste. Look at that logo! Ah.

Le Touriste
Birkegade 6
2200 N Copenhagen

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday 12-6pm
Saturday 11-2pm

Absolutely nothing to be afraid of, of course. Irrational fear, is there any other kind?


The store is out of business, ugh.


  1. It always makes me happy when kind of random, odd places like this are actually sustainable, meaning enough people are interested to keep it alive :)

    Great tattoo!

  2. Hi Dave,
    I think the store is run on pure dedication. And I feel a little foolish for letting plain old gallery-anxiety keep me from entering for this long. Silly, really, it is the cosiest place around.

  3. Haha, i´m happy i´m not alone with this silly fear! The shot with the baboon is my fav, looks like he was knitting :D

  4. Hi Banenblatt,
    I am happy about it too. Another crazy assumption is that we are alone. Once we start talking, it always turns out we are not. Super cosy. :-)

  5. Ha, I never had this fear, because I'm used to entering galleries since I'm a litle girl, but sometimes they take me for someone rich and insist on selling me something ;-)
    Somehow I have this fear of entering high end clothing stores like Chanel and the likes, still irrational. Also I'm less interested in them... Doesn't spoil much of my days!
    Also that is a great tattoo!

  6. Hi Carole,
    Weird thing is that being exposed to them as a child has made no difference. It is not the art that creeps me out, but the still air (and unbearable hype) that surrounds it.

    But I walk into the most expensive fashion houses in the world feeling like I own them, haha.

  7. I know that feeling well. Galleries can seem pretty intimidating, particularly when confronted by the glamorous sales staff within. I suspect if art were sold in 'shops' then people would flock to buy it. Truth be told,on the rare occasion I purchase 'art' I don't want to buy it in a 7/11.I want to feel special ,so I happily enter the portals of the sophisticated world of galleries.

    Le Tourist does look very inviting. I thought the vacuum cleaner was a vacuum flask.



  8. Hi Ian,
    Maybe it is like buying exclusive perfume, part of the experience is the presentation. But it also serves to alienate people, and that is another thing I love about street art, the inclusiveness.

    The more we are exposed to art, the better. And maybe it is okay that some places are intimidating because once you overcome that stupid fear, it heightens the experience. I never had that happen in a 7/11. :D

  9. Just when I think there are no more weird little shops or corners of the city, you deliver once again! Can't help but love little shops like this, never noticed it before. Is it new? :)

  10. Hi Drumstick, I am happy to deliver, haha. They just celebrated their two year anniversary, but they have been sufforcating behind a serious scaffolding bonanza (in place for the big roof garden in Birkegade, I can't wait to check that out). You must hurry down and check them out. :-)


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