28 September 2011

Malbeck Vinoteria

Yesterday I walked into local newcomer Malbeck Vinoteria to book a table for the evening, and I immediately got sucked in by the details. If a shop closes down somewhere in Copenhagen, chances are it will be replaced by a wine bar. A lot of them look identical, with the imported lived in feeling straight from the south of France, and there is nothing wrong with that... I just prefer when the owner's personality shows. When you get a feeling of being welcomed into someone's home. This is such a place.

As I entered they had just finished hanging the clocks, apparently a long overdue event. I am familiar with those, and with the satisfaction of finally getting it done. But my favorite detail, if I have to pick one, was the collage theme on the bar and tables. Real photographs from the family albums, as it turns out. The guy behind the counter pointed out a couple of family members, before turning to the image of the bare-butted kid mowing the lawn: and this is me. If that doesn't make you feel welcome?

All toes dipped in blue.

Only hours later this was occupied by four couples, every inch of space put to use.

(In case you are wondering, the food and wine was yum too)

Finally a place that solved the hook problem (it may even be a first in Copenhagen). If you have ever been to a Copenhagen bar, you know what I am talking about, with the crazy fighting over too few hooks, piles of clothes in layers, half of them ending up on the floor or stolen. Here, you get your own hook and on the end wall they are even scattered in all levels, inviting you to decorate the wall. Good thinking just makes me so happy!

Birkegade 2
2200 København N
Tel 32 215 215

Opening hours:
Monday-Thursday 11-24
Friday-Saturday 11-01

As an added bonus this is on the same street as Le Touriste. Birkegade rocks.


  1. Wow, that looks lovely. You could take us there, too! (I can already see we'll be having an alcoholic tour of Copenhagen) :)

    That reminds me, one of our favorite restaurants in Portland which was in a very small space with maybe 10 tables, and just a kitchen stove like you might have in your apartment at the back closed, and a wine bar opened there, but we haven't gone to check it out yet. It's quite near our apartment, so it would be great if it was good! Maybe we'll have to have a date night soon :)

  2. Hi Dave,
    yes it is looking up to be a moist tour already. But they also have afternoon sun and coffee, just in case. I love the smaller spaces, they tend to have a better atmosphere.

  3. Ironic that you said "moist" :)


    Oh yes, afternoon sun and coffee is good too :)

  4. I wish I had the economy to visit places like this more often...but I can see from the prices written in rustic chalk that this is another place out of my price range.
    130,- for a veggie dish? Come on.

    -To be honest, I prefer "Grønsagen" in Christiania where I can get a tasty bowl of soup with homemade bread for 35,- , in cozy surroundings.

  5. Hi Drumstick,
    It is not a place I can go to daily either, but it is not so out of anyone's range that you can't try the experience. I would rather have a cosy evening with a friend there, than blow the same amount on a movie-ticket and a bucket of popcorn.

  6. Hi Sandra, I see your point; maybe I should just prioritize differently ;)

  7. It looks great and I don't know how it translates in euro. Can't be worse than Paris can it? Although a glass of wine might be the most affordable thing here. The hooks are great, also for handbags, i found them in some bars in the US, pubs in GB maybe?

  8. Hi Carole,
    the prices on tbe board goes from €8 to €36 for the meals. Wine (served at a bar) is not exactly affordable in Copenhagen, but beer can be.

  9. Kiggede lige lidt på familiefotoet med forældrene og de 2 børn. Det er lidt sjovt at faren har sort hår og moren har mørkt hår, men begge børnene har rødt hår....men de ser jo glade ud alle 4 :)


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