09 September 2011

Slim pickings

With the upcoming election this is one of those rare occasions where the politicians are reminded that they work for us, and not the other way around. Now would be a good time to remember what they have practiced, and not get seduced by what they preach (politicians and promises, don't get me started). It amazes me that the current government have the audacity to run for another term, when they have made such a mess of things. Education, healthcare and human decency are suffering and poverty is spiking. They way I see it, they should step down, with apologies. And if they had the best interest of the country in mind, perhaps they would have, but it is all about personal ambition, networking and keeping your friends happy. The bigger the offense, the greater the reward: our former Prime Minister who left us with a random substitute mid-term, screwed us all for a top position in NATO. It is so transparent, really.

But for a total of two weeks they are pretending to give a damn, wooing us with big smiles on campaign posters, in personal appearances and televised debates. There is bargaining too: if you give up this, you can have that. Who needs a solidary health care system, when you can drive your car all the way into the city free of charge? What some people are ready to give up to keep the spare bedroom, the flat screen TV's and car privileges... it is just sad. But I still have faith that the majority of Danes will do the right thing this time around. If all goes well by next week we will have a new government. 

Mocking the poster children, left and right.

 Smil lidt mer / smile a little more. 

Even the advertising people are getting onboard:

Mikkel Møller for ALIS (photos by Mikkel Møller): More skateparks on the agenda.

Some even put up their own campaign posters, I have seen children run for office, and the "Flere Farver" (more colors) are everywhere. You get a feeling that it is getting increasingly harder for people to take politicians seriously...

More Colors / air guitar.

Vote Ø (Enhedslisten)

And a single street art contribution that actually means business: vote Ø.

Fingers crossed!


  1. Som sædvanligt tager du ordene ud af min mund (altså, de ord jeg selv ville sige hvis jeg var bedre formuleret...)
    Hvis regeringen bliver siddende denne gang... ja, så ved jeg snart ikke hvad. Så fortjener vi ikke bedre.

  2. Orv, hvor fint.

    Jeg dør hvis de bliver siddene, det må bare ikke ske. Mest fordi jeg ikke kan bære at leve i et land hvor flertallet skider på de svage og dårligst stillede. Og så skal det point-på-kærlighed system bare stoppes. Nu.

  3. Sandra, fingers crossed. It is all over Europe really, this situation, with different levels of nastiness. Our situation is the worst since the Nazi invasion, as for the state of mind of the people in charge, and as for poverty and economic situation, it's so bad it's all new!!!

  4. Hi Carole,
    The nastiness is all over the place, I agree. It looks like a toxic mix of culture clashes and greed, and it is not an easy fix. But our so-called leaders should recognize their responsibility to set a positive example, something they have utterly failed to do. We need true leaders, and so few of them are.

  5. We have to get a new government...If not, I will lose even more faith in the democratic system. And perhaps throw eggs at Christiansborg.

    Let's talk friday when we know the hopefully positive outcome :)

  6. This is an important moment in our history, we have a lot riding on this election. I already find it hard to grasp that a n y o n e would consider reinstating the current nightmare. Unbelievable.

  7. I totally agree, Sandra. But then again when Venstre(& Co.) was RE-elected in 2005 I almost didn't believe it. So it is possible again, unfortunately... I just hope that my countrymen are starting to realize what a nightmare Denmark is with the right wing wankers in charge. And that we will get some of the 'blue' voters to jump over to the 'red' camp !

    Good luck to us!

  8. Yes! My faith in the democracy is restored !

  9. Tillykke! I am happy that countries (and their citizenship) are seeing the right wing for what it is.
    Disappointingly, in Canada we gave the right another mandate.... boo!

  10. Mange tak Celena!
    I am sorry to hear about the state of things in Canada.. sometimes it has to get worse, like here, before it turns around for the better again.

    It was a really close race here, a scary amount of Danes apparently thought we were in the best of hands. That I will never understand. But this has restored my faith in democracy and more importantly: in my countrymen. I am going to make a celebratory post, of course, I just have to take it all in. It is unreal that this reign of right wing terror is over. That is the real victory. :-)


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