30 September 2011

Street art is not dead

In case you were wondering: Copenhagen street art is not dead. It just takes a microscope to find. I have been collecting and saving up to gather proof of its existence. Where did they all go? Are they uninspired, broke or just on vacation? I miss the creativity. On the bright side I discovered Frantz Flottenheimer, who makes hard to find and crazy yummy collage butterflies.

Frantz Flottenheimer

Street Yum

My first Flottenheimer spotting, the Classic Copenhagen header:

Frantz Flottenheimer

Ah, that was a big day. And on the same wall (already buffed, sigh):

The bird... had it coming

The Westend passage is keeping up the tradition with changing street art exhibitions. Miss Take:

Saving it was a good idea... I am almost convincing myself that Copenhagen street art is still alive.

Fuzzy Copenhagen street art

Another fuzzy piece (remember the lamb?).

Your money is worth shit to us!

Spyo to the rescue. 

Months of saving to bring you this. I am not sure I have the strength to wait that long for another hit...

Frantz Flottenheimer on RMX Collective/flickr

More, I need more!

You know?


  1. Deliscious street stuff!
    Went to school with Frantz Flottenheimer who makes the butterflies. (May have told you already ;-) We bump into each other once in a while here in Copenhagen.
    We've been talking about doing a street art collaboration, but haven't gotten round to it yet... stay tuned to the streets.
    You ask where the street artists went, and we're still around, -a major factor for us have been the rain and windy weather, so now that the sun is out again for a brief while, you may see more art in the streets popping up...!
    I plan to 'bomb' a bit in the weekend for sure!

    -have a good one (in the sun!)

  2. That last photo reminded me, there was this ugly old Soviet sports arena in Vilnius (built over a Jewish graveyard) - and outside there were these big concrete blocks, and someone had spray painted on them "Grafiti yra nelegalu" - "Graffiti is illegal" :)

    I always loved that.

  3. Hi Drumstick,
    I am so relieved to hear that! At one point I thought the street artist army blew it all in Valby and Køge, I need some major pieces, so bad it hurts. You never told me about the butterfly man, I had to discover him all on my own. But that is half of the fun anyway, so no harm done.

    (God arbejdslyst!)

  4. Hi Dave,
    I also have some pieces that stay with me long after they are gone. And if they are in another city, it makes me happy to revisit them. Some of my favorites are by Spyo, on the rooftops, mocking society. The one spelling "rot" along the lakes have been buffed (but it lives on in my memory and on flickr). Long live street art.

  5. Indeed, long live street art. It's one of the most interesting forms of free speech, I think - not to mention just simple artistic expression.

  6. Please tell the mothman to visit vienna and make some of his beautiful moths here, i love them!

  7. Yes, bananenblatt, "mothman" is so much better than "butterflyman"! And if I ever meet him in the flesh, I will let him know Vienna is calling. :-)

  8. Oh the duck makes me thing of a cartoon my son used to watch, the wonder pets and I was so relieved when he stopped !
    Love the butterflies, so delicate ! and of course Hitchcock !!!

  9. Wow, I really love your street art pictures. They are amazing - I think I have to drop by your blog regularly :)

    Do you mind if I recommend your blog to some international student at my uni?

    tomorrowgetsushigher - vores rejseblog

  10. Hi Caroline,
    I am happy that you like the pictures, do spread the word, and come back often.

    Hi Carole,
    It is beyond me how anyone have the heart to cover the white moth and Hitchkock choking a bird. But at least they live on in the pictures.

  11. In fact Sandra, can I put the Hitchcock pic on my Tumblr (of course saying it's on YOUR blog and it's YOUR picture !!! I just keep that Tumblr as a note book and I love this so much!

  12. Hi Carole,
    yes of course you can place Hitchcock in your tumblr note book, he is also in on my flickr stream, if you need him in other sizes. I am happy that you like him.


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