13 September 2011

Vintage Copenhagen

Finding vintage snapshots of Copenhagen is like hitting the jackpot. Not just the fancy postcard images of fountains and castles, but everyday scenes of people riding their bikes, going to the market, crossing the street... I'm endlessly fascinated. In case you are in the neigbourhood, the vintage Dutch Bookmarket is on at the church Helligåndskirken (books are down to 15dkr today). I found this old photo book from Copenhagen, with images from my own backyard. Jackpot:

(click to see this one enlarged, yum)

Queen Louises Bridge 1913. See the sidewalks? They are just now returning to the former glory. Nice and wide, pedestrians and bicycles rule.

The lakes

One of the bridge corners. Nothing has changed. Everything has changed.

Between two of the lakes at a later time, still crazy cosy.

And from an earlier scoop, a scene from the bridge:

Queen Louises Bridge 1898

(Published in 1936) Reads: Earlier the small electric boats played a certain role. The picture (above) is from 1898, taken on Queen Louises Bridge. Today the traffic in Copenhagen, compared to other big cities are predominantly characterized by bicycles:

Copenhagen 1936

All aboard the time machine?


  1. This is such a lovely idea, like if you found childhood photos of your hometown!
    And the new header of your blog is nice, too!

  2. I am a huge fan of these old photos!!
    Thanks for posting them!

  3. Oh, Bananenblatt, that is exactly how it feels, like family pictures. So cosy! And I am really happy with the new header too, the street art is by Frantz Flottenheimer. He makes extraordinary collage butterflies, I need to go hunting for more. This was the first one I ever spotted, quite the rush. :-)

  4. Hi Nicolas, I am happy to hear it. Knowing that others appreciate them too encourages me to post more vintage Cph jackpots.

  5. Woo hoo! I love those pictures- like you said, what a time machine!

  6. Wonderful! Especially the Dronning Louises Bro picture from 1913! Bike heaven!

    It's always fun to see how elegant people were back in the days...the suits and the dresses. And I didn't know they used to sail boats on Søerne in the middle of Cph, must have been before the Canal Trips were invented ;)

    I'd love to see more from your photo book!

  7. Hi Drumstick,
    I didn't know about the electric boats either. Funny to think they were necessary, but then again they wore heavy clothes, and the women probably wore impractical shoes.

    The 1913 bridge picture is my favorite too, someone just told me that there is a museum for Nørrebro, with lots of old pictures, I need to look into that.

    Hi Celena, I am really happy to learn that I am not the only one loving this stuff. More to come. :-)


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