22 October 2011

BaNanna, first bite

It would appear that every crack and corner in Copenhagen has a story to tell, unveiled at a pace set by the city itself. The biggest surprise I have had in a long time was just handed to me. On one of those days where the bike leads the way, I caught something out of the corner of my eye, looking suspiciously like a giant snake. As I approached it became clear that this was perhaps one of the coolest playgrounds in the city. In my own neighbourhood. How is it possible that we did not meet before, BaNanna Park?

The entrance, with the climbers triumphal arch:

The plot of land was rescued from a group of real estate developers, and turned into one of the areas few recreational spots. BaNanna Park was inaugurated last spring, located in Nannasgade the name is a perfect mix of the street name and the giant yellow banana stretched across the lawn:

This picture would be so much better if I was not squeamish about heights. Imagine the full banana shot from the top of the arch... wraaah, I get dizzy just thinking about it, haha.

The banana, not exactly soft, but still kind of spongy.

If it had only been a giant banana and a triumphal arch, I would have been perfectly happy, but it gets better. The second bite of the BaNanna is my favorite part, a real treat for hungry eyes...

(To be continued)


  1. Ooh, thanks for this one! Never knew1


  2. How did they manage to keep this a secret for that long? I wonder. Just wait for the last bite, it is yum.

  3. Ah, I'm reading a Kierkegaard book and I'm trying to link what I see here and what I imagine then... This is definitively not helping but fun ;-)
    I have fear of height too...

  4. One of the guys was even kind enough to offer an introduction, but just the idea of it... ugh, no. My knees go soft.

  5. I was there about a year ago :) Did you notice if my A4 sticker of Graham Chapman (with bowler hat) was still there? ;-)


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