23 October 2011

BaNanna, last bite

When I spotted the extended mural behind the climbers arch in BaNanna Park, my heart skipped a beat. It is made by a group of street artists with each their style, collaborating on making this piece for the children. And as a rare sign of respect it has been left untouched since it was made in September of 2007. All of my childhood heroes are represented, plus a few that came later, advocating the right to play freely and more power to the children.

There is something about it that just leaves me soft and happy. Kaj and Andrea (frog and parrot) sucks me right in of course, but so does the abundance of color and details, Frederik (best friend of Cirkeline) stuck in the sewer, the black and white grown up's as the three monkeys, the pink bike and the Dala horse in the window. It is not just a mural to me... it's a family portrait.

The last man, not listening, is by American street artist Mac, master of photorealism.

Going from left to right:

I am distrustful of people who say they have no regrets. I regret ridding myself of my giant Dala horse once upon a flea market, sigh.

Frederik (or it could be Ingolf, I can never tell them apart), best friend of Cirkeline, the girl in the dotted dress who sleeps in a matchbox.

Fozzie, Cirkeline and Kermit. Please don't make me pick a favorite.

Not all of these guys makes my heart swell, but I still recognize them: Kylling (Chicken/half of Bamse & Kylling), Mumitrolden (Moomin), Lotte or Anna (super annoying highpitched girls, haha) and a Fraggle. I think. Sign reads: free play.

Moomin with sign that reads: more diversity. Bamse (Bear/other half of Bamse & Kylling), Snuden (the Snout) and a Fraggler in a Kaj and Andrea sandwich.

Andrea presenting the artists: redie, dnye, tiws, el mac, zone, soten and crema. 

The collaboration was masterminded by Copenhagen Cruise, and I have been trying to find out more about them, but they are a secretive bunch. From what I can gather they bring street artists together and make events and collaborations on mural work. As I was digging, I learned that the balloon girl mural widely credited to Anne Sofie Madsen is a collaboration between three artists, brought together by Copenhagen Cruise. And now my interest is seriously peaked. I have to wonder what else have they been trying to sneak by me? Copenhagen Cruise, I am on to you.

Was this good, or what?



  1. It was awesome, I think I passed just by today, so it's reaaaally nice reading about it on the same day :)
    About Copenhagen Cruise, I pass here every morning - have you seen this one: http://g.co/maps/q9ztv (it's a link to google street view)

  2. Ah that's them? Yes I spotted that a while back. I wonder what else they have been up to. :D

  3. Regrets huh ! I never had regrets before, but this move to Paris has made me feel that. Hope it won't last.

  4. Hey Sandra. Where in Nørrebro is this place?

  5. Hi Carole,
    I really hope that you will get to love Paris again, it is such a beautiful city. But I also remember how hard the transition was for me, back then. The Americans just seem friendlier and more outgoing than here in Europe. It can be a chock to return, even when you grew up here. Imagine how it is to foreigners, uh. I want to hug them now.

  6. Hi Duskdawn,
    BaNanna Park is in Nannasgade on Nørrebro.

  7. Makes me think of the Japanese "Paris syndrome", each year they are sick (hallucination, faintings and so on, because paris is so far from the Paris of their dream, especially the rudeness of the parisians is so chocking to them... Well the rudeness of parisians choked my best friend the other day, and she didn't leave Paris at all... The problem is, it is getting worse.

  8. You must be the change then, show them how it's done. And be extra nice to the next Japanese tourist you see.

  9. Carole> That made me laugh...But I can imagine the contrast between the very strict, disciplined Japanese way of life and the French temper ;-)
    I read an article the other day about a guy who went to Paris, and for the first time he understood why the French can tend to be arrogant compared to other nationalities. The reason was simply the impressive architecture and the charm of the city, and the author was of the opinion that everyone would tend to be arrogant if they lived in "the city of cities" :)
    I haven't seen it yet, but I've met many French people online. Some were very nice, but the majority, I'm afraid, confirmed the prejudice of the 'we are better than you'-mentality ;-)
    And very patriotic, I might add - something they share with good old US of A.

  10. Was this good? I'm speechless. I could happily put up with 4 oclock sunsets to live in a city such as this.

  11. Hahaha, Ian, that is so funny. I am really happy that you like the mural too, I think it is one of the best pieces I have seen in Copenhagen.

    We do need (and have) a great city to make up for the dungeon. Today the sky is milky grey, with not even a glimpse of blue sky or direct sun. It's murder.

  12. Snuden! Now I seriously have to go there!

  13. Exactly! It is unmissable, if you grew up in Denmark you have at least one friend on this wall. :-)

  14. Lowly Worm! I grew up on Richard Scarry's Busy Town. This might be the best piece of art ever. Tak!

  15. Ah, Bryant, that was the one I didn't know. Super cosy. And selv tak.

  16. Drumstick, yes after 6 years living abroad I find the French very arrogant, which I was not aware before. I know quite a few French living in the US who try to avoid French people as much as possible because of that, and I must say I was one of them... Especially in NY!

    Sandra, I will be extra nice to tourists, Japanese and the rest, and super polite.


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