17 October 2011

Call of the wild

Fall is turning out to be everything summer was not, sunny and breathtakingly beautiful. The other day on my way home, the lakes demanded I made a stop on the bridge. Since they first put up three benches on the sunny side, it has been packed every night at sunset. Now we are up to fourteen benches, but a lot of people still sit on the ground, it is just a different feeling that way. On that day it was cold, but the light was special. Soft, but temperamental somehow. I stayed for half an hour to take it in and went home with frozen fingertips.

And then the sky exploded. It was like it happened in a moment, everything went pink and orange. I had to grab my camera and ride like a mad person to make it back to the bridge before it was all gone. This was all I got:

One of my favorite things about these rare orange sunsets are the way the windows on the other side of the lakes turn into burning mirrors. Crazy beautiful and near impossible to catch on camera. 

Next time I get a feeling like that, I am going to pitch a tent and camp out.


  1. I remember that evening! I was so lazy, just laying in my bed, and I managed only to lift the blinds to see what's hapenning with that beatiful sky:) The pictures look great.

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those pictures! For the rest of the day, I will definitely be "homesick" for Copenhagen! Hanging out by the lakes (with a good coffee from Det Franske Cafe) was one of my favourite things to do... Tak Sandra!

  3. åh, fantastiske billeder <3

  4. Hi Martin,
    Next time you MUST go outside and take it in. It will make you feel a hundred percent better. I promise.

    Hi Celena,
    I am so happy to hear that. When I lived abroad crossing the bridge and that view was also the part I missed the most. :-)

  5. Åh, hurra og tak Tambourine pige!

  6. Wow. Gorgeous photos!

    I don't have a very good place to see the sunset from in Portland, but I do often get to see the sunrise on my way to work in the morning during Autumn and Spring:


  7. Hi Dave,
    It is one of those things on my agenda for when I become Mayor of Copenhagen: elevated public spaces for catching sunsets (and sun). Imagine this sunset seen from the roof terrace in Birkegade...

  8. Brilliant idea, you should definitely do that :)

  9. What great shots, Sandra! Many, many thanks - and now I have some wonderful choices for my monitor background . . . !!!

  10. We had those sunset almost everyday in Fall and winter in California. Crazy beautiful. So often that i began to think it was cheesy, and then back in Paris, I know it is not. Really nice photos !!!

  11. Se selv! Det er jo klart, at jeg SKAL flytte til Kbh. Og hellere før end siden. Faktisk helst nu.

  12. Hi Kelly,
    You are so welcome, I am happy that you like them. If you need them for backgrounds, I have uploaded them in a larger size on my flickr stream
    (here). Just in case. :-)

  13. Hi Carole,
    To have this almost everyday sounds intoxicating. Here it is ultra rare, so when it happens we do our sunset dance in the streets. :D

    Hej Trix,
    Du kommer bare an. Verdens dejligste by, skynd dig.

  14. Ah yes, Friday evening. I stood still gazing at that sky with my mouth open for a long time. I almost called at unattentive passers-by to "stop and look at that sunset!"

  15. Ha, I do that too sometimes. You risk people taking you for a crazy person for talking to strangers, but it is totally worth it if you make them look at something beautiful. I miss that sunset already.

  16. Sandra - wonderful pictures, and I saw a sky like that today as I was biking home from work. Then it started raining heavily, sun still shining (solregn / "sun rain"?)but the pink/orange colors in the sky made me ignore the rain shower.
    Then the rain wore off, sun still shining, and I saw this very bright rainbow over Nørrebro...wishing I had brought my camera! On the other hand, my camera would not have appreciated the rain drizzle ;-)
    (I'm sure you know THAT dilemma; it's raining, but you want to snap pics? Unless you have a rainproof camera,that is)?

    :) your patron/stamkunde Drumstick

  17. Hi Drumstick,
    Yes the rain vs. camera problem is huge. It is so sensitive to humidity and even a light drizzle, so I am being a touch paranoid about it.

    And the rainbows.. I had a feeling they were out there today. Next time I will go looking for them.

  18. Wonderful shots!
    They make me feel homesick :|

  19. You can just cry of happiness when you look at these pictures.....Jeg elsker Dänemark!!!!!!!


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